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Milosevic, Matt, Basketball discussed on Kentuckiana's Morning News


Waters an expressway eastbound another accident on that ramp and the injury accident working at the outer loop and Preston highway our next report in ten minutes bodiless newsradio eight forty WHAS I'm WLKY meteorologist now Milosevic with the Friday forecast it'll have a dodging scattered showers and storms highs near eighty degrees we will cry out though as we head into tonight lower humidity going to pave the way for a nice weekend ahead after lows near fifty nine expect a partly sunny high seventy six tomorrow partly cloudy driver Sunday and highs near seventy four we'll keep that nice weather going into early next week that's your latest WLKY forecast I'm meteorologist Matt most of it D. N. S. breaking news weather and traffic station news radio eight forty WHAS Louisville I heart radio station morning at six o'clock I'm will Clark news radio eight forty WHAS our top story seven people shot during a Thursday night protests that turned violent in downtown global involving the Brianna Taylor case those gun shots captured in a video shot by former U. of L. basketball.

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