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If they are mad at me about his cO dependency, if she is thinking about me as much as I feel like I should be thinking about her. Then it must mean we love each other snapshot from his life today, I spent most of my time at work thinking about my partner, everything from I think she's talking to her ex again too. I hope she's feeling okay right now. Most of these thoughts are my man, you're are my manufactured from my own insecurities is I run through these thoughts. I try to keep them from snowballing and turning into full on predetermined fights. We will have in the future. I put the will in quotation marks because they never even really end up happening. I'm getting better at realizing this. All I can really do is take things day by day. Thank you so much for that. So so spot on about the. Just fucking hamster wheel of fears and self doubt and insecurity around relationships with other people in our selves, and it's one thing like all of those spiraling ups. Have in common is their centered in self even though we're thinking about somebody else. We're thinking about how they affect us. When we truly are thinking of somebody else were thinking about it without anything in return. We're we're thinking about a situation in we're thinking about I wonder if I can do something nice for them because I loved them not because I want them to do something. Nice for me, or I'm afraid they're going to leave. And it's such a different different feeling. I have a struggle in the sentence might depression kicked in last week. And it's it's much better now, but when might depression is bad, it feels like the world outside my front door is just one dark cloud narrow hallway lined with cactus. And it never feels like that. Once I'm out in about. It feels like a long dark hallway lying with sandpaper. Regina philan- JR. Writes about loss. The sudden death of a loved one, I was completed one thousand piece puzzle. But now I've been flipped over. And all of my pieces are scattered everywhere. Well, this is the episode for you if you are listening because this. This episode is about a lot. It's about grief. It's about loss. It's about the cult of positivity in terms of how people react, positively is great thing. But there are times when you can't put a positive spin on shit, and it really can hurt the feelings of the person who's grieving and make them feel even more distance. And. Yeah. This is a struggle on the sense filled out by a guy who calls himself, ash Ketchum and his love addiction. He writes, I only have self worth when men give sexual attention. I don't even need sex just compliment or Sexton about his codependency too afraid to have fun by myself. So I ended up doing nothing of boy do I get that one. So many options, you know, got an hour free. You know, what do I do? I play guitar. Why would work you know to play a game? No. I can't make a decision. I don't know what the perfect decision is. So I'm going to nap snapshot from his life. I feel like a spy or like I'm playing an old PC adventure game..

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