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You're right that is greg asking. If you find one is not what are you doing this version of gronk but okay. But they didn't get to the super bowl because of rob gronkowski. This year i rob gronkowski is one of the best football players ever and so i totally that is. Those guys weren't first round. Picks the argument that so it goes either way but this guy is a uniform you get an opportunity to draft him and put him into system. Especially if you're arthur smith who former tight end coach who has had success with that position as a coordinator like it just makes so much sense to go to the falcons. Where there's you know. Hate her supplier. But this guy's a difference maker. Yeah hayden has one year left steel to any look. You're not drafted him to block anyone at four her thank. You can let him up anywhere. And i'll just say this and then we can move on to that. He didn't drop a single pass last year and he was going to against. Sec cornerbacks safeties and linebackers are going to be first. Second third round picks and there's some guys like jc jesse horn. Who's going to be first round. Pick joe horn son. Who's a cornerback. He had a tough go against cowpats. Kelvin joseph is going to be a first or second round pick kentucky. He absolutely demolished at poor kid and that kid is really good. So you see that. Okay look you could argue. Jamaa does the same thing right. That's that's my love. Kyle pits kyle piss. But i do think wide receivers have a little bit more of an impact than titans. Unless you're talking about a guy i think. George kittle the best tight end in football because he's more complete You know if if fits became that type of player where he's a monster blocking that'd be another thing but the best wide receiver in football versus the best tight end in football probably taking the best wide receiver. All right. let me ask you a specific question and then we can move on if you want unless asked the question all right. So let's say that Jamarcus goes the bengals. Cockpits goes to the falcons more.

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