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In on this friday morning looks like the winning streak might be continuing david archer does we hit a fiveday rally in the over leicester five days of the five best percentage increases since december two thousand eleven so quite a turnaround let's let's say it's not over yet but the feeling a little bit better certainly both things this morning uh also dow's now up one point nine percent for the year that's positive in this morning we got a flurry of economic reports out so very solid numbers in a housing starts are they soared almost ten percent less money than the leading indicator permits also hit a ten and a half year heizo that's one of the best numbers i've seen a quarter while import goods soared one percent in january's result of all the rising inflation concerns we've had in the markets and it ten o'clock this morning we're also going to be getting a consumer sentiment all right let's go to stocks lots to talk about their a lot of activity ah airlines doing very well in terms of airbus and boeing because people want to buy plane so they're having record demand on that not so good for nestle's though salesa off a little bit campbell soup this morning also off a little bit mishake shack off of at four percent so not so good wazir even kraft hindes having some problems with the miss on their sale side tractor company dear they jumped despite having supply change challenges and coco's earnings uh rose so that's pretty good for them on a sales sir and the earning side and wendy's is up three percent and as we're looking at the future is you know drum roll please winner renault or dealing with it looks like we're starting up or twenty on the dow with the implied opened so uh will tried finish this week positively and we get a day off on monday on president's day as well as you're idaho.

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