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The sixty minute men, and what about the business lunch Bertrand? Well, people are working on their taxes now in early returns show that people aren't getting the refunds that they were expected a lot of people in niche leading to some disappointments are going to talk to a reporter about that. It's not necessarily that you're paying more taxes, but baby you didn't adjust your withholding in the right way or things like that either way people who are expect expecting a big tax cut refund. Maybe are getting it this year. I hate doing my taxes state getting things together. I do it all year round. I just keep track of everything and then just plug in the numbers. Turbo tax. It's like a little video game. With the big check of the day. Big bill. Yeah. Yeah. I'm gonna have fun on the street by Steve that some what's coming up today. Andrea heinous will be here as well. From the Chicago Tribune, the Steve Cochran show celebrates the most valuable person on the planet. Weekday mornings at seven twenty on seven twenty WGN. Chicago smart speaker users just say play WGN radio on tune in. The news is sponsored by Linden and chimney and fireplace. Here's David Jenny. We've got cloudy skies a few of them anyway, thirty eight at O'Hare Cook County sheriff Tom darts proposing that lawmakers in Springfield pass a Bill allowing authorities to seize guns belonging to people whose F O. ID cards have been revoked state police say ten thousand cards were revoked last year, including the gun license for Gary Martin and gunman in the Aurora shooting last week seventy five percent of those ten thousand owners ignored the notice the producers of the TV show, empires HSE swell. Let's characters not going to be appearing in the final two episodes of the show this season. Facing a felony. Disorderly conduct charge for allegedly filing a false police report the garden hose at pope Francis. A summit on preventing clergy sex abuse going for a new culture of accountability. In the Catholic church. The punish bishops and religious superiors who don't protect their flocks from predator priests. Chicago cardinal blaze super-rich talked to his brethren at the Vatican. This effort will require steadfast trust and openness and identifying with the aid of everyone in the church, and with due regard for the diverse cultures and universality of the church, the legal and institutional pathways to safeguard young people in a just compassionate and robust manner. Suba itches. Everyone was leave the abuse summit transformed. The owner of the New England Patriots facing charges of soliciting sex. The Florida massage parlor New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is among dozens of people named in a human. Trafficking investigation involving multiple massage parlours in Florida. He's.

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