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Diseases with wonderful outcomes on the website, Dr Cal dot net Problem is is some people they realize that they're exposed to something or that they're not doing well and they don't get to the doctor early enough. Most elusive is eat normal food when he was home and said that your throat has a tendency to close up on you. When you had Parkinson's disease. That's why they've given in blended foods. A ll the nerves from your brain going to every part of your body could be affected. That's why you have a tremor, hand writing blank facial expression, difficulty, you know, walking and taking steps. Difficulty with balance difficulty with, you know, gut. But you could look at again. Direct information on Parkinson's and how we work with that. On the website Dr Cal dot net You can see a video of a husband and a wife. They're both pharmacists. The husband has Parkinson's and he's doing brilliantly is out of a wheelchair. But you can't ignore and just let things keep going cause otherwise they go down fast. Even People that take medications for Parkinson's Alzheimer's M s stroke Those people Congar down quickly, because with age you're losing cells from all of your organs, so they don't have that capacity to create repair. So that will be the most important for Steptoe. Learn about your body, correct vitamins, minerals hormones and consider doing the stem cell. Thank you so much for your call. Let's go to our next caller is Jack in Pennsylvania. How are you? Good morning, Dr Caliph and thank you for your program. A friend of mine. His wife is experiencing dementia. And I wonder if you could just discuss briefly how stem cell therapy can be helpful. In a drug thing. It's the same. It's the same discussion for any organ. So if we're talking about diabetes a moment ago, or Parkinson's Your stem cells from your body obviously have the same language as all your other cells. Someone else's stem cells do not so because you know other stem cells. Are not specific to your body. We won't mention them the fact that they're not legal anyway. So we take your stem cells from your body from the bone marrow. And we sterilize the skin numb the skin lady anesthetic on the post cheerier crest Every Liam, you know your belt sits on the side. Of your waist. I know your hip socket is down below that. But if you follow that crest from where your belts it's towards the back. There's a fat bump there. That's the area we go to, because it's easier to get two. We do the procedure within amount of minute in a minute and a half. We extract the bone marrow spin it So you're separating the red blood cells on the top the plasma and then the stem cells at the bottom. So stem cells are extracted. And if it's a bad joint, injected, join if it's lot organs, heart, lungs, liver, kidney, pancreas, etcetera, diabetes, Lupus, rheumatoid, You do ivy. But for people that have brain related issues, we do the intravenous. Let me take a second dose. We have a person breathing nebulizer missed to clear the nasal passage. Just lay them down on their back and then drip the stem cells. Into their nostril. So that it hits the back of the nasal cavity and gets directly into the brain. So that's the protocol for M S. Parkinson's Alzheimer's stroke. So now those cells their only job is to migrate to her damages and to turn into become brand new brain cells that do what that type of cell has always done. So you're making morning or transmitters? You're shutting down and inflammatory mechanism and you're putting new cells into an organ that has lots of old cells in an organ that is shrinking because of age. So that's why medical research over many, many years. Describes how stem cell works for all of these different scenarios. Event significant success in treating dementia. What bit of course. It wouldn't be continued treatment if it didn't work. But remember, it's the only thing that puts new cells into your damaged organs. There's no drug that gives you new cells. There's no drug that Will create, you know new neurotransmitters from the new cells that are being made. So you have to understand what stem cells do if we put him into your knee, though, grow new ligament, tendon, cartilage, connective tissue. Intravenous Delgaudio organs, heart, lungs, liver, kidney, pancreas gut. If you look at the videos on my website, you'll see people with the really bad disorders that have done one stem cell treatment. And what their outcome has become over the course of a couple of months. Thank you that most people would never expect. Great. Thank you so much. Thank you for your call. If you'd like a little further information certainly could contact the office 5167940 for zero for Not only are there millions of studies on stem cell therapy if you look at scholar Google There are videos on the Web site and certainly videos elsewhere of patients with Wonderful results. Stem cell therapy has been around for a very long time. Not a new thing. The initial doctor who called it a stem so Was Dr Hagen and he was back its 100 plus years ago. Okay from lines are open. If you'd like to call in. Do so now. 1 808 for eight w A b c 1 808 for 8 92 2. This is a live program Also tomorrow 7 to 8. PM The Sunday show, so We'd love to see there is well, let's go to Carol in New York City. Hi. How are you? Hi, following you're quite a treasure. Thank you for being there. Um, I have a swelling on one leg between the ankle and under the calf. In the CAF and the only it's just on one leg only left and the only thing that has happened to that leg yes. Last 12 years is a hip replacement. So my cardiologists is not worried about a talks about some leakage of some sort. What is your understanding? Depends so Typically when legs swell, it means gravity's holding fluid down to that area. In some cases as you get older, and your heart is not contracting his firm. As strongly as it was in years past, it can't get the fluid down two legs and back up as quickly. When you look at your leg, Can you press your thumb into your skin? And it leaves a dent? No, I don't think there's any water Is that which you mean water Because you want to see whether or not you have you know Peter Levy, Emma or fluid there? I don't believe so..

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