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To the new order by requiring folks to wear a facemask Viet nam Dan or medical he explains anybody this is leaving their home and it's going to be around anyone else other than people in their household should wear face while wearing the face covering doesn't protect you from getting a virus does significantly increase the chances that if you have a virus you're not going to give it to somebody else Adler says this order it still carries the weight of law but is hoping you and your neighbors can police it yourselves if not he warns the city may have to take stricter action John Cooley newsradio kale B. J. rabbit gives a peek at his plan to re open he says there will be a team guiding his decision insuring that what we're doing is consistent with data and with medical analysis as well as strategies about which type of businesses will be able to open up he says it's not going to be a free for all it has to be done while considering the safety of residents several states are making their own decisions on reopening the governors from New Jersey Connecticut Delaware Massachusetts Pennsylvania Rhode Island and New York did not announce a timetable but say that will happen soon and smart governor Andrew Cuomo if you do it wrong he can backfire and we've seen that in other places arching in Oregon and California are also banding together governor Gavin Newsom you want to go far go together that's the spirit of regionalism that's defined our approach to addressing the spend down all ten governors are Democrats but one president trump says re opening is his call the governor's point out he left it up to them to close down we opening plans are there I'm Julie Walker Boston sixty day grace period for rental properties may be a reprieve for tenants but landlords say they're struggling Stewart do pie is one of them he tells CBS Austin if it continues things will get very rough unable to pay my payments and if I get foreclosed on by my bank my tenants get evicted this is only one third of his tenants have paid rent for the month of April the downtown Austin salvation army is close for cleaning and sanitizing their rearranging beds to promote social distancing officials say a dozen people tested positive for corona virus the shelter is being cleaned people will stay in other locations throughout the city of Austin six thirty three Hey here's Austin's on time traffic with don prior you should use a tape recorder and just have the same thing playing in a loop there no wrecks are no stalls and it's a great drive time out there is just really good time to be on the road don prior with Austin's on time traffic breezy for the morning otherwise today a blend of clouds and sunshine throughout the day hi getting up to sixty three for tonight that will be mostly cloudy and chilly a low tonight of forty from the weather center I'm Kevin Snyder forty.

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