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I didn't recognize it. But I surely did so, uh, kudos day am apologies for me. I should have recognized that's a good song. Stevie. One was Valerie, but I just didn't recognize the name and I need to thank They're not going to win. Mac Daddy tweeted today. But I need to thank a couple of people who did tweet at me and linked in the YouTube version of the song I r s Commissioner elect That's a great twitter handle and make frappe. BLM who tweets me from time to time. So dykes, those two guys as soon as I, uh listen to two seconds of what I said. Oh, damn. That's Valerie. I should have known. What the hell is wrong with you, McDonald? I should have known that that was the name of the song and let me quickly look at my list I had and he number one Layla, number two. Roxanne, number three, I would probably put Valerie Head of Roxanne. I'd put that dirt and he won Layla to Valerie. Three. Roxanne for Roseanna, five. Michelle six and Kiss with Beth seven. So thank you guys. Uh, sometimes your questions go right over the head of the person you're asking, too. I should have known that song. I didn't know it, but that's one of the things you risk when you talk about songs and titles. Sometimes you know the song, but you just don't know the type I Johnny Mac. Hanging with you here on CBS portrayal. Let me get the phones re stoked will take them the rest of the hour. Dougie, I know you've been waiting. Please wait. Compliments more, because I gotta get to break here. Big John from Jersey haven't heard from forever. Gonna look forward talking to him. I also look forward to talking to you Get on my phone's 855 to 1 to 4 to 27 called the rest of the hour before Kyle Glaser joins us at the top of our number three like you have to do, including the latest CBS Sports Update. With the man Mike McCann. CBS Sports.

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