Rashad Evans, Espn, Curtis discussed on Big Brown Breakdown


They're doing that for that the business move their say hey look and then you got rashad evans on lost all energy my body yet rashad evans on fight pass how big hit his fight passing to take once they digital on espn oh wow that's a cloudy deja verse carlos spars at the hell of a fight hard going to throw this out there and i want all you fight fans let the sinking not you entertainment fan i want the fight fence at the sink in your heady over this you got curtis plays facing ostra over him on the pre limbs yet see punk for smy acts on the main of yeah chinses year let that sink in let that one what you whistle why not do see a punk i mike jackson as the main event on fox sports to get huge ratings abets incident punks contract you only fights on paper to get maybe percentage and that that's all they care about pay per view that the the current business model and it's going to change with the with the espn plus everything like that but the current business model rides and dies off papers that's all they give a fuck about so that's why he's on the i'm saying if you're fighting through a fight purist joseph ben evita's for sergio pettus is on fight pass clay guido verse bobby green is on fight pass rashad evans anthony smith is on fight pass what balls what the ball what in the fuck in hot balls are we doing.

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