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It's white people who are looking for a study because they're the ones who actually have some who who will lose something in this process but but what we need to what we need to do is we need and this is why we need a national dialogue honoration class. This is why we need. Foundational level changes like I'm advocating for <hes> because not only is this about simply paying reparations. It's about abolishing slavery. We will not be a nation where we the people truly means all the people in Hill. We do something about land titles. I think there's a populous though that feels feels like if anything it's GONNA if there's going to be any reparations and used to go to indigenous people I and and <hes> that was part of why that question posed to him which was centered around. Obviously you know slavery <hes> which obviously recently happened in his a bad thing indigenous people were slaved as well my own people were for sure okay <hes> yeah you know but I think what what what I like about your approaches. You're hitting it from the foundation and sort of putting aside okay is it is it do we deal with as indigenous people indigenous issues if you will or issues Dave slapped me. I used the wrong analogy on this show we talk we make a distinction between issues and problems there problem. Okay the and the point Yep Yep. They're distinct problems. Okay not issues. There's a reason the way we define it here. Mark as we say issues are debatable. Problems is need be fixed. They're there and so you know. I like the fact that you're you're hitting this at a foundational level. It says okay here's a rat today <hes> here's here's a road to fixing it. What do you think thank you know what I mean? So if that's that's making any sense but there's definitely contingency out there. That says you know <hes> they're not even honoring treaties so you know in essence what's our with our starting point and shouldn't it shouldn't doubt attention going to Indian country. I you know well and this is what I love about what happened South Dakota where the government tried to pay for Mount Rushmore and the Lakota people like no. You can't pay us for that yeah. That doesn't have a monetary value exactly YEP. I love that because well I think reparations and right now the debate about it is in regards to slavery while I think that's not a bad conversation and probably Ali from that we need to do. I also convince us not GonNa fix the problem and the challenge and I I've learned this more since I've moved to the East Coast as compared to living I grew up in the South West <hes> but on the east coast which is where much for policies written America's racial sins beginning to end with slavery and while I completely agree slavery is a massive black eye for this nation is not the beginning nor is it some of what we've done and this is why I go back to this quote by by Peter Burnett the governor of California I go back to the policy that Abraham Lincoln and it's our nation has learned and how to talk about it fishy of slavery without completely going desert but it has never learned how to talk about its history of genocide and ethnic cleansing against native peoples breath and it's still a complete state of Stockton denial about that and this is what I'm so adamant you know and so this is when you look at models for social change and one of the models for social changes a model disruption where you protest you mark you sit in you coop stage now. Our nation has used this model very effectively over the past over our life over the history of this nation. You know whether it's me to whether it standing rock whether it's I've matter whether it's occupy Wall Street you know we've used this model well and even our deepest dialogue. We've had on race to date which I would say is the civil rights movement came out of a model of disruption you march you sit in protests and then you finally get stopped the the flow when you co off the stage now in this model the moment you co op the stage. One of two things happens very quickly which is either. You're the owner of the stage takes it back or your audience leaves because they didn't come to listen to you know if you go to a concert and another ban co ops the stage well if you don't like the band you're just GonNa leave because you didn't come to hear them and so so literally all you have is a soundbite in this model. Now Black Lives Matter Metoo standing rock. We've used the soundbite masterfully and have I used it to affect a certain amount of social change the interesting thing about the civil rights movement is the civil rights leaders kept the stage and the audience right. We actually had a long dialogue ugh about civil rights in this nation regarding our history with race so you have to ask how did our civil rights leaders keep the stage well unfortunately one of the main ways I would observe observed that they kept the stage. Please hear me I have deep respect for civil rights leaders and they moved us far beyond where we were before and I do not want to to criticize their work but I also have to say if we want to get past where we are now we have to be able to critique it and do it better the next time and one of the ways that they kept the stage is by the moral authorities that they referenced. Why are we giving civil rights to people of Color and the moral authorities is that were referenced throughout the Civil Rights Movement were are foundations the declaration of independence and the Constitution these are the things that Dr King referred to as the blink check now these documents are blatant white supremacist and sexist and racist document so unfortunately the broader outcome of the civil rights movement while it moved the ball forward a little bit essentially the dialogue? I love that we had was not the fact that are right are white supremacy racism and sexism extent down to our foundations. We basically said we have good foundations. We just have to be better Americans so instead of attacking the systemic white supremacy racism and sexism and identifying that implicit bias we basically ended up affirming American exceptionalism which again is the coping mechanism Atkin hasn't friend nation in deep denial of genocidal pass as well as current racist reality and so this is why I'm convinced black life matters happening today because the civil rights movement didn't actually bring to the point that Ed it's our foundations. That state black lives matter because what I'm hearing to is it's cyclical right so you know anytime you're trying to. You're trying to find your reference point. <hes> it's falling back to the same problem again until you you can keep plastering wall. All you want and chill you fix the cracking foundation. Your walls are going to continue to crack your window. Sills continue to gap in your carpets GonNa continue to sag you have to fix the problem as a Libyan chat says maybe reparations to indigenous peoples should look like the return of lands and sacred places she writes this is why why I absolutely agree we have to re we have to rethink and we have to have a deep dialogue about land titles because land titles to this day as referenced by the Supreme Court and Ruth Bader Ginsburg in two thousand thousand five is based on a dish humanizing doctrine of discovery and until we fix that problem we're we the people will never include native peoples <hes>. I have to read this one in Chad. It's it's apropos. Sandra wrote I spied hearing references that the quote founding fathers and a quote landowning quite men intended piece equality and concern for others as principals the country was founded on if every speech was rewritten to expose the truth we would have global and I quote Oh crap it all make sense now in quote session and she's right absolutely my life got considerably less confusing. The day I acknowledged the the constitution wasn't written to protect the native man the day I acknowledged the reason we have a constitutional protect white landowning man suddenly the history of my country. The United States of America made perfect sense. Well you know what I believe. The Constitution was written by racist meant now. Here's why I say that they came here with I preach preconceived ideas of what they had where they left and they brought them here and after after a little strife and a little hardship they decided that they would craft a charter that would enable Obam to live a life. They wanted so the reason. I say that it was found this I mean the constitution was created by racist men. They were racist now. They take themselves as racist. I'M GONNA say no call the behaviors they <hes> conducted themselves in and with were normal behaviors for them. It was it's normal is taking a breath of fresh air so denigrating a person of color calling them <hes> some sort of slander derogatory <hes> <hes> name with normal now so you know they weren't considered as racist. They didn't consider themselves races. That was just normal for them. Now I giving I'm not giving them a pass by any means but yeah the pushback is it was a charter created by racist men to perpetuate racist policies period yeah it was it was to contain yes it was to continue to further their agenda and obviously didn't include people of Color and you can see that very clearly in this whole debate. Now we have on Gerrymandering that where the Supreme Court basically just said you know we're not gonNA decide this well if you read the constitution article on sex and two which is where they're setting up the electoral college and they're determining. How are we going to decide votes in this country <music>? The entire purpose of electro college is to maximize the voice and the sway of white landowning men. They're counting women. They're counting wanting African people they can't decide if they counting as a whole which is what the the South wanted because they had more slaves down there and and the north is like no if you if you count all the black people then you have an unfair advantage of the south of the North was actually advocating for for less than then a whole person the whole reason we have in electoral college is to elevate the voice and the sway of white landowning men Gerrymandering is written into the constitution. That's why we have it. That's why we use an electoral college and this is what makes us. Why are we even debating this this? Can we acknowledge. This is the purpose of the system. We've set up exactly now. We you need to change that system and actually on my on my personal website. It's I haven't released through my campaign yet but on my personal website this I did this about four three years ago. I read I read through the entire confrontation through the twenty seven minutes. I noticed that if you read the entire document there are fifty one gender-specific male pronouns. There's not a single female pronoun of the entire document correct not one and suddenly this this makes sense as far as the position of women in our society 'cause we don't even think about them in in our and not only do we not thinking about them. Then we still haven't corrected it to this day. You know it it takes it takes two amendments payments to get women the right to vote the fourteenth didn't do it is still specifically to women and natives in the fourteenth amendment. It took the the women's suffrage in in the nineteen hundreds taxi get women the right to vote was also very all right very blatantly <hes> absent of acknowledgement of Matriarchal societies here yeah so you know and and so on well I did with this constitution is I think it's good that we can amend the constitution but the problem with that is so we can have an amendment at the end of that said Oh when we say we the people we actually mean women too but to get to that point you have to read through page page after page after page of blatantly sexist language and then you read a footnote at the end in the terms of the amendments to say Oh actually when we said he meant her too so I would argue. We don't need to amend our Constitution because amendment amending hasn't worked very effectively. We haven't abolish slavery yet so I would say we actually have to edit the thing we need to add it so I went through the constitution with a strike through funds and I merely merely to to identify the white supremacist racist and sexist language so every time I came across the heat him are his. I replace it with a proper noun or gender neutral pronoun every time I came across Texas thing like the three fifth compromise yeah. We never said that. Let's just put a stroke. We don't need to forget. We set it but let's put a strike through fund through it. Yeah we should have said this thirteenth amendment neither slavery nor involuntary servitude silicosis within the United States period no claws keeping legal in prison. Now I added one amendment to the Constitution. I inserted one word on your mark because if you constitution so into doctrine of discovery it actually says <hes> invade search out capture vanquishing subdue all say ballo Pagans Hagen Saracens whatsoever reduced persons to perpetual savory convert them to his into your use and profit the implicit bias of the dachshund discovery is that the natural world anything below the white landowning male exists for the exploitation take prophet of the White Landowning Mail. This is why corporations can be sued not for destroying the environment but for not maximizing the prophet of their white landowning male shareholders because the world you the assumption. The implicit bias of the constitution is there's nothing in there that states there's value for life and instead it exists for the exploitation profit of the white landowning now and so I- inserted two words in the preamble we the people of the United States in order to.

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