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What is what is this saying to you because you know to me it says a lot and i didn't even know which one you would read but just you're you're talking here about king david's jerusalem you're reading you're reading something was one of the first to to create the city of jerusalem and his son solomon built the temple that later was destroyed but he built it so this is a very amazing family i guess it wasn't it wasn't a build up jerusalem before but this is a made certain buildings that went up from what i understand and he he just saw israel is being a place where people dwelling piece i mean part of the name jerusalem has a minute which means peace you know you you talk about the temple by the way and i don't know if you saw earlier today andreas lem day there was a large number in fact i think one of the largest since israel's founding of jews that went up to the temple mount to the holiest judaism yes but on the other hand the problem is that the jews who go up there aren't allowed to pray and so you had some juice who simply sang songs in favor of jerusalem and the walk the islamic custodians who sickeningly control the temple mount had them booted off and that's been in the news today so that's the other side of this is that when donald trump was the embassy to jerusalem i also wanna prompt a conversation about what is jerusalem because it's not just any city it's not just the capital city of israel it's also something much more special and in that specialty takes place especially on the temple mount and i think the next step really needs to be enough with this ridiculousness where the muslim custodians can say jews and christians can't prey on the holiest site in judaism the temple mount what is going on i don't want further that conversation and actually we're going next to specifically to the us embassy and where in jerusalem it's opening because that's significant to all of this now opens up one too i think three or four i'm not sure what's going on with those lines at eight seven seven nine seven zero two nine nine nine is the phone number here few colons now open eight seven seven nine seven zero two nine nine nine grabbed them quickly as broadcast live from jerusalem.

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