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This isn't a race issue. This is a cultural issue. This is a class issue. This is an educational problem and you're not going to solve all those things by cracking downs, whatever that means on police brutality, not only that, but if you look at all the cases that these people are talking about the Freddie gay, the Freddie gray case the case, who was the guy in Saint Louis that they had a big fit Brown. So Brown had just strong armed robbed a convenience store and according to all of the witnesses and the case who were African American by the way, he was trying to grab the police officer's weapon. That's not a hero for your community. Freddie gray was twenty six years old in Baltimore. He had been arrested for selling heroin dozen times a dozen times, and he didn't have a social security number because he had never had a job a twenty six year old healthy American citizen never employed, right. These are not problems that the police can solve for you. Sorry, African American community. And by the way I guarantee you there are there are an overwhelming number of educated self made probably middle class or upper class. African American people who listen to our podcast who sit there and go exactly order exactly by the way the people who are who are building this entire political base of dependence and government handouts, they don't represent me again. This has nothing to do with race or skin color. It's all about ideology, culture, personal responsibility, these things. And if Collin cavern it came out. There and spoke to any of that. I'd be a lot more sympathetic to him as a protester. Speaking of protesters. Did I have you gentlemen? See, I do have to push toward sharing the vast wisdom of of his insights into the financial world. So that's why people actually listen. But I do wanna know. 'cause I'm down here in the swamp. Did you guys see some of the protests at these prima court? Nominee hearings this week, there's a guy dressed up as a six foot tall condom, walking around. There are. Yeah, there are women in hands maids. Wish we had visual aids your Handmaid's tale outfits. Dozens of them gathering. This is a show porter about the patriarchy. It's essentially if liberals nightmare of Puerto running the entire world, Cape true in their cartoonish view of the patriarchy, which by the way, I'm a part of two white male privilege. The whole thing they, they wear these kind of bonnets and these read all things they said is do supreme court. Nominee is going to destroy the country what they've really shown everybody is that for all these liberals that are saying that Trump is destroyed. Civility guess what a lot of maniacs around here who want higher taxes and free healthcare. A lot of crazies on that side to plenty and let me tell you what anyone wants about. White privilege could have hung out with me when I was fifteen, sixteen seventeen years old and grass and central Florida all summer teasha a lot of white privilege. The privilege I had was to work hard and try to better myself and serve and protect my family for the last forty five years. That's all I understand. Let's get. Let's get to some real real nonsense doesn't why the liberals are boycotting in and out burger. Is it because that they serve beef there or something? What's the problem? So in and out burger had a committee that gave some money to a Republican. I don't even remember the exact specifics, but essentially in and out burger gave some money to a Republican election committee. I believe, states Republican party. That's what it was. Twenty five, twenty five thousand dollars in an burgers. I will tell you in and out burger is v. best fast food burger in the country. This is kind of like a boycott of chick fillet guys. This is where it all falls apart because people love tasty, fast food. It doesn't matter that it's not woke or cool they wanted. So this is what is what is woke? What does that even mean? I just brought shouli just a social Justice conscious is the best definition mean what is what? I don't know. It's it's past ten. House-passed hints doesn't even make any sense does not near on the the big walls of your house probably doesn't make any sense..

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