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On the threes brought to you by the van loan school at endicott colleges chris culkeen lending you delays of her 495 northbound ride virawan 2006 in bellingham we had a rollover crash here that's been cleared out of the way but now or go to car crash right in that same spot that slowing the ride down expect delays there arbor ninety five northbound looking at delays making your way from 23 up pass route 295 than it slow getting by 495 and then one more time for kony street getting up to one twenty eight twenty four northbound locked up from one twenty three to one 28 120 northbound spotty delays from route all the way up passed route nine southbound's heavy just getting into the split northbound along route 3 your jeopardy 228 and rockland to union street the expressway all brake lights all the way up to columbia road very difficult on the expressway this morning aguas 28 of north here's christian back in the mapra insurance got ta chris were down to one vehicle left with a crash that happened what what are would southbound at route two and luxected that's just been loaded up onto a flatbed wrecker so that should be clear shortly that the whole thing will be clear but we've had at back at the stretches back beyond the burlington ball also very tough out of linfield 120 southbound headed down toward the 93 cloverleaf crested kind of offer a insurance copter heavy out of linfield number one is well through the tunnel down to route ninety nine that you're back on the tobin bridge back to route sixteen and ninety three is backed a spot pawn next update it is at seven three wbz's traffic on the firms has a fourday wbz accuweather forecast good cloudy quite mild today is a cold front approaches waters of argument shower around this morning than steadier rain at times this afternoon and this evening it could pour for a couple of hours the high today sixty nine earlier this afternoon temperatures will start down and alter colder tonight clearing late tonight low forty one in the city dropping to the 30's and mosul suburbs tomorrow choi david partly sunny high fifty wednesday and thursday still chilly with.

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