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Shock Dude, It's right there on the billboard, America's best racing work you into the Billboard Hawk. True story. A man. I only read what they put in front of me. That was not an improv by me. You're a part of the copy. Oh, 1 806 368686. So you want to go toe America's best racing and also S O N Yo check breaks down the field. And I want to get this little bit later on any old check is not a guy that Is known for being a tremendous hockey mind and player announcer coach player Who dabbles on the side and horse racing, and so is one of the preeminent handicappers in America. So I will get to that and his thoughts on the Derby little bit later on. Daniel Jeremiah joins me in about 15 minutes. Stay on the NFL. Why not on deal like this? Let's talk much NFL is possible. A Seattle Yeah. Checked at a Seattle Yeah, I got some really good news, Seattle In fact, I've got some great believing News. Seattle. Yeah, You know that entire offseason drama surrounding your star quarterback and future Hall Famer. Russe, Wilson and the organization. Remember all that stuff about him? Getting tired of having his ass kicked on the weekly him wanting more, saying the organization? Him being okay with being traded to certain teams. If he did not get that say, or get some help. Remember all of that drama? Come to find out. It means nothing at all. Nothing. They're just smoke. Of course, it's not coming from Ross himself, but it is coming from the next best source bubble. Yum Peed bubble Yum P. Carol, and if you can't believe, and you can't trust B y P c. Who can you believe? Not only are he and Russ on the same page now, in fact, the bubble, Yum er himself said at his presser Yesterday. Russ has never been his hyped about a season as he is the upcoming season. Right now, he is this jacked up as he's ever been. He's in the process of turning over a new a new offensive stuff that is different from from the past. And things that we need to learn. He's totally after doing a great job. His mentality is strong, and his conditioning is what right. He's doing a great job, and so things were said. Things were said, and sometimes you have to do with stuff and that's that's how we take care of our business, and we're in a fantastic place right now and really excited about this team. And this season in this draft coming up and all of that. Right. So that's the first time that Pete had spoken with reporters since the end of the season. And, as always, Peter had lots to say, and he said it in a high rate of fast rate. Now remember after the Super Bowl when Russ went on that many public tour And he had some disdain over getting their hands every week from opposing defense is he suggested that he would like the same sort of say that other great quarterbacks have in personnel decisions. However, the Yum er Says that he wants to set the record straight on that, too. He played that obvious card from the bottom of the deck, where he blames the media for blowing it out of proportion and reminds everybody that words can and often do get twisted right From the beginning. I was talking to Russ. We spent hours on the phone over this offseason talking and we worked it stuff and understood the topics and subjects. So there really wasn't a problem, You know, So there's nothing to put the pin in to me is in the fact that there was a couple things that he said, and he realized how volatile the simplest of responses are. Hmm. Yeah. Thanks for that, Um er I'm sure you probably wondering if that's the case bubble yum er. Then why did Russ is Asian? Mark Rodgers tells ESPN that his client would waive his no trade clause for four teams. Well, apparently the Yum ER has an answer for that, too. You know, I had made a clear statement to rustle, you know, let Z just shut down and be quiet on the stuff. We don't need to say anything that we know the truth of what's going on. When that came out that kind of got over the over the top, and it opened up some other conversations that Didn't need to happen. And that was an example of why we're quiet and what we don't say anything, and so just me was so meaningless because it was had nothing to do with what was going on. So it was just kind of Ah. Another little bite in there people could talk about and I wish we would have avoided. That is what I'm saying, right? Freaking rogue agents. They're the absolute worst. Am I right bubble Yum. Peter. I don't know my guy. Yeah, I don't know. It's funny How all of this just got blown out of proportion and taken out of context. I mean, what do you tell me Next? Did Russ really hasn't been sacked nearly 400 times in nine seasons that you're not a gum chomping, chomping to generate that you don't talk really, really fast. Yo yammer. This guy's been sacked on average over 43 times a season he is on pace to pass the slinger for most sack quarterback of all time in the next three years. Now I know some of you. Some of you have the Youngers back on this summer. You want to say, Hey, Rome, if do did not hold onto the ball so long, and if he wasn't always trying to make some big play, he wouldn't be getting the crap beat out of him every single Sunday. However, I see it the other way. I see it the other way. What I see is a guy with incredible pocket presence. A guy who does feel the pass rush is well is anybody there is a guy who's mobile and athletic is hell, and it's still getting the crap beat out of him on the regular And what I see is a guy who's frustrated and pissed and I get it and I agree with him. That's what I see. And normally what I see is how it is. Just saying And what I see is some old dude furiously working the be yum. Who seems to have a tremendous threshold for his franchise quarterbacks pain. And you're gonna tell me that Russ no longer has those same exact concerns. You're going to tell me that Russ is perfectly fine with the team doing next in nothing to bolster his protection. Yes, I'm aware they brought in gave Jackson who I do like But I don't think gave himself and this so called new scheme could single handedly relieve Russ off the stress off eating turf every Sunday. Like, I don't know. The Seattle really improved all that much, but I know pretty much everybody else in that division Did. Arizona signed J. J Watt and they're gonna match him up with Chandler Jones, A healthy Chandler Jones. The Niners get Nick poster back the Rams. Well, 99 is still 99. They've also re side Leonard Floyd. And if you paid any attention last year or recently, Leonard Floyd is enjoying himself some Russ of late They also have a draft coming up right? Everybody.

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