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Gold dot com koa newsradio time nine thirty president trump tweeting that former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe never took any notes when they met suggesting notes mckay has turned over to special counsel about their interactions are so called fake memos more from abc's pierre thomas in washington some notes will suggests the president tried to intimidate him asking him who he voted for it and allegedly calling mccain's wife a loser after she ran for statewide office as a democrat with financial support from clinton ally mullets has interviewed him already will have to decide what all this means was the president simply pushing back against what he believes was a partisan fbi or has he been trying to intimidate and harass people investigating mccabe was fired by attorney general jeff sessions and el paso county deputies have canceled an amber alert they had been looking for a two year old boy our next update at ten o'clock david ko koa newsradio eight fifty am and ninety four one fm well we have had a bunch of accidents this sunday morning but nothing serious enough to cause any major delays around town most recently we have a crash on the highway westbound i seventy at quebec again no serious delays as a result of that we're cleaning up an accident i twenty five northbound at twentieth street and a brand new one off highway at colefax in monaco we cleared an accident i twenty five and twenty third avenue cbs four weather partly cloudy skies in the morning was rain likely in the afternoon for a high today near fifty seven and overnight low expected down around thirty degrees currently it's forty two degrees in denver this report is brought.

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