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Contact free BJ's live generously and a 4 55 Earlier today, President Trump issued an executive order a setting in stone. You could say his plans for a statue Garden of Heroes. WBC's Madison Rodgers takes a closer look sense. Confederate monuments and other statues were two faced and toppled last summer and racial justice protests, including the North and Christopher Columbus statue. President Trump has talked about putting together a garden of heroes collection of statues in the nation's cap. It'll. The list of names he wants. Included is long. It includes both former Supreme Court justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Antonin Scalia. Names from Louis Armstrong to Neil Armstrong and among the Massachusetts natives on the list. Writers Henry David Thoreau, Well, Faldo, Emerson, Emily Dickinson and Dr Seuss Presidents John F. Kennedy, Calvin Coolidge and John Adams, Sam Adams to Ben Franklin Paul Revere and several other names. Only time will tell if this executive order will be rolled back by another in Matter of days. Madison Rogers WBZ Boston State radio. Well, just about that time of year, my friends where if you've gone through a bad breakup, or maybe you're dealing with a scorned lover, you have to navigate Valentine's Day. Well, the Bronx Zoo is helping you out. Once again this year. They're popular name a roach event. Is coming back. So if you shell out 15 bucks to the zoo, you too, can symbolically name a giant Madagascar hissing cockroach after your special or maybe not so special. Someone And of course, you always have the option to donate more. The zoo is not going to complain about that. But if you do you have the option of buying a plush roach toy. You can get a scented roach candle. Not sure what that would smell like, or you could even have your very own live virtual encounter with a roach. Which many of us I think would argue is maybe not what we want. It's 4 57 coming up in the news at five o'clock today,.

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