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Ed Baxter's go. That story and the rest of the global news in the Bloomberg nine sixty San Francisco newsroom yeah that's. Correct array. You say some. Concerns that's, what they're admitting publicly president's national security, adviser John Bolton says, Kim Jong UN is just not following through Kim Jong UN promised South Korean president, moon, Jae ended Panunjom on April the twenty seventh that he would do, it and that he would do it with, any year so the focus here is getting Kim. Jong UN to follow through on what he committed to the president. At Singapore it is denuclearization he says the US is not all starry eyed but as giving Kim every. Chance to comply, with how the US interprets the deal was signed in Singapore China continuing its moves to strengthen the ties with Ozzy on Shoshu end-all who's a senior researcher. At Pangoa institute says there are workings for some agreement In the. South, China Sea regulation biscuit to rich a set of rules to regulate behavior of parties from I've. Seen congress and also China in particular about the solid China's neighboring countries here because know previously you have basically. Eleven, version of the. Tax yes well it's. Working on emergency plans in case of some kind. Of disaster in, the area Chinese president Xi Jinping is threatening at twenty, five percent duty on US liquefied natural gas this comes just a few months, before winter when demand for US heating fuel is likely to peak it could. Cost money to the country trying to clean air after President Trump tweeted and part LeBron James is just. Interviewed by. The dumbest man. On television, Don lemon he made LeBron Looksmart which, isn't easy to do, while I it's drawing some reaction today Republican Senator ROY blunt on NBC says the, president, might want to be a bit more careful I don't think always, I mean look at what he said about, his various opponents in the Republican Primary it's not always but it's I think you've got to be more careful in our society about what you. Say about people that are different than you James adjust opened a school for at. Risk. Children, in Akron Ohio reaction also from the first lady's office Malania Trump's spokeswoman putting out. A statement that James is working to do good things it is the second time in. A week that members of the president's family. Of separated themselves from him, last week Ivanka did on. Separation of families and attempts to hack the US voting systems ahead of November could, succeed the thoughts of democratic Senator Amy global issue if she says the president undermines. National security when he questions the investigation of Russian election interference, I'm very concerned that you. Could have, a half finally went through you have twenty one states that were hacked into that. Were hacked into they. Didn't find, out about it for year club I'm sorry she said maybe she She got hacked global news. Twenty four hours a day on air at tick tock on Twitter maybe I did power by. More than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one, hundred twenty countries guys some simple things just tickle me in San Francisco I'm Ed Baxter this is Bloomberg Brian sometimes you. Just have. To say, at twice All.

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