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So today's episode we upbringing about the fantastic mr fox. We stop whispering. Springs this fucking clint. Clint eastwood play misty for me. The national radio. So mr fox's author date him yes so we invited him for valentine's day and he was all my love to. Yeah so is working. We we born gifts and everything like that gyro sweet. It was cool so we we invite them over for valentine's dinner and sex. We didn't even do the did we. I think we now we came. We came here. We chatted for awhile for by exchange gifts and we fucked for a long time and then we had dinner which was amazing so we worked up an appetite. It makes appetite. This is our second rose team. Sorry fish Yeah you d. I think it was like a halibut or something very good but my added to appetite. It was the Savory e dandan lion solid thing is we call it pudding. They call it pudding but he was like it's really elegant looking and it was delicious. It was very good. He went that for seconds and the food. Yes before all this happened. We exchange gifts and we touching and kissing and we somehow we ended up in the bedroom. Oh yeah the went. It went pretty quiet. Did it was. It was after the gives. It was just like in the drinks. We did have the dream and yeah it was just like you know what let's get to this. Let's do we know what we're here for funk and eat or even fuck so but but uh oh we'll be heavy on komo and it just made more sense to do it this way so we moved to the bedroom Miss marie here. Yeah i asked. I asked antony to undress mr fox. This time because i wanted to watch it on the bed yeah i drink with garnish and everything i most certainly did and mr fox and i start kissing and i'm unbuttoned his shirt That was so fucking hot. I enjoy watching that. Yes or you you pull his shirt off and just let it fall to the floor. And and then you start undoing his his belt and his pants and you started sliding his pants down. And then you drop to your knees and it's funny because you you pull down as underwear. His cox is kinda smacks you in a fit of always wanted to do that did you. Yes seriously so funny. So i welcome that. I don't think i look at you. Yeah it was funny sexy sexy and cute or start circuit his car. Yes you did. And every every few seconds. I like turns look at you and i'm dislike whole drink out to them like baby suck that cash. You'd make it really cool. do it without you. Because i don't know never coaching again. Off says yes my lisi or as i say you map says no but lipsius. I'm such a slow. i dare. So he's reaching what i'm doing this. He's reaching down twister multiple fucking light at this point. I kind of like suggest that we do something a little different today. And mr fox in i decide to undress antony together so usually do it myself. Yes i know just leaves sitting over there. Just watching wang take so it was really hot because we're undressing him and we're doing like we're all kissing each other really deeply an slowly and and then once you're daycare et them to they begin rubbing their cox together. Yeah i was. I like that that look really. Just look dirty look really. I don't know how this got to be but it was like without a were being said it was like he's going to fuck me right there and then i watched the video much on a hit the button wrong so we only got me fucked up ten minutes video a hot fucking day and we got like what about ten minutes video and audio wade so annoyed so he kinda stands behind me pushing me against the bed and he's just cock against my ass cheeks. I realized i really fucking like. Yeah we saw your face. You're like fucking in good ship. Lollipop cheery middle. Look on your face just like pushing back on. See you up you up. Some condoms and ended up taken out. ajit meals. Did this until we watched the video. Yeah you. I mean fancy schmancy and shit. He's sitting there. He opens a condom. Then he reaches behind his back and puts it on. Mr fox's cock i was like oh the other hand i pumped the spot lube. Yeah i know you us. Okay and your own over kissing kissing. Inhale kissing me Mr fox starts fingering my my whole getting them ready and leaving his asa literally at this point i ask you if you're ready for it you know and you seem to be very much so i kiss you and then mr fox is pushes. Anterior as he does yeah no. You didn't know that point. Now do late in the day but i didn't meet ours getting fucked that straight away anyway. You know. we don't know what to expect really. We don't know it's just like we kind of like go with the flow. We prepare ourselves just in case things news gained fucked. Oh valentine's god's sakes.

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