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The government williams in writing it doesn't seem like the white house is doing as much to minimize the ramifications of this story as they have with others regarding russia was notable yesterday that impaired you know previous press briefing yesterday pair theater weren't or question i think the president outright referring questions to come kenya where the president has been very aggressive weeding about at the broader issue of russia and iran to go into the white house function perfect way okay cut tax reform i got very little for watch tv but i will note that it is when president had all public event if he got back out parents who might notable that product germany neck burn we'll be in france at the white house earthquake nothing today before he heads to paris walking on your public network back into forty harun anything on the docket the in paris that we should be aware of he's gonna have meeting tomorrow with the french credit mccurry actually a press conference that will bring you up right after aren't mario friday in the first lady will be guest of honour aren't they military parade marking yoga and they were 100 anniversary of eu at getting into world war one immi hurry damage trump carry bay with ranked american and what about these press briefings that have become so secretive was with regarded oh of video cameras and i guess the information has been kind of sporadic and catchascatchcan when it comes from the white house lately has hazardous mocatta strange and you know big bertha town can between the white house press corps all right we don't know if there will be a briefing gaidar had been offcamera interesting stuff all right thanks karen his old we'll talk against who bogeyed athena eric abc's karen travers reporting federal authorities holding a person of interest in connection with the explosion outside of air force recruiting office at suburban tulsa oklahoma abc's jim ryan with the update benjamin roden lives not far from the site of the blast that damaged his trip shopping center storefront where the airforce has a well marked office at this point we down now no effort was a disgruntled employee and active domestic terrorism dan someone playing games the fbi's jesse rice as a motive for the late night pipebombing in bixby oklahoma has not been determined where trading at strictly a criminal investigation with an explosive device the.

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