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Are not actually breaking the terms of the agreement itself i think it's very much a signal by the iranians that they have a say in this there are things that they can do whilst they watched the europeans dithering over exactly how they can keep this deal alive and as they see of course commercial companies beginning in many cases to distance themselves from trading with iran so this is very much a response to the us action would they have done this anyway or not no they wouldn't i mean this is as it were a warning we all getting ready to do something if indeed the nuclear deal falls by the wayside and it is in many ways on life support now i think the problem particularly for the main key european governments britain france and germany who is struggling to try and keep this deal alive is that in a way what the iranians are doing kind of undercuts that many people in america critics of iran critics of the nuclear deal will say well look we told you so so why does ron won't enrichment program in the first place if it isn't intending ultimately to get a bomb look they're getting ready to gear up this uranium enrichment program now so i think in many ways it does undercut the efforts of those western governments who are trying desperately to find a way to keep this deal alive jonathan marcus our defense and diplomatic correspondent the first funerals have taken place in what mela for people killed by the violent eruption of the forego volcano sixty nine people are now known to have died but many others are missing and search and rescue operations are continuing nina lakhani is a journalist who's been to one of the affected areas the village of some again lose lotus and she described the devastation there.

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