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Seidenberg with us I guess tiger is taking it easy on yeah I thought the little stiffness today dug in his back so he took it easy just chipping and putting during the program portion of the northern trust the FedEx Cup playoffs begin tomorrow tiger addressing the media while skiing Steph and this person be be smart about it that's kind of what I did some pretty gusty we are a when I went out there and this chip and putt for nine holes and same thing so nothing out of the ordinary for him with the transfer market in the premier league it will close tomorrow Chelsea with interesting situation is debit Louise refused to train with the first team today in hopes of forcing a move out and according to reports he wants to go to arsenal arsenal does have mutual interest elsewhere Juventus defender Jow Consolo has signed with man city event this is signed right back Danilo from men as city and will not return to the premier league this month talks between Barcelona and Tottenham have broken it down I'm Scott Seidenberg with your Bloomberg NBC world sports update Doug all right Scott thank you so much we had an impressive recovery in the equity market today state side at one point the S. and P. five hundred was down as much as two percent and if you look at what happened in the bond market yields collapsed at the ten year treasury got as low as one fifty nine right now the ten year at one seventy three as we get set for a trading in Tokyo and Chicago Nikkei futures a little bit above where we were in the cash market yesterday in Japan but not by much we'll give you the latest on the markets also get.

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