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A amac as hickey digging in and where did the founder of our community get hasn't liberty can i don't know i mean village his view of the koran unsure and then the product but lick ronald the prophet muhammad azad minhas another up mission of us law is a revival of islam and so does that i mean that it we have a hundred and thirty year proven model that islam unadulterated leads to peace and pluralism and that on that country from from that perspective the army night that's that's why it's so weird because islam means different things to you and i because of you know or to to lie everybody essentially because of what you're talking about i mean when you group these vastly different sects under one name that i grieve to you cannot label you know put out every every person who believes in this religion in one blanket that absolutely doesn't work but i do believe that these polls indicate things but but below below connect the dots right i mean is our reputation but then our earned turkish is derived from the koran and had business so no one hundred percent but then the question comes in you know you talk about these muslims who disagree with us and the question comes in those i disagree with us who has proven us wrong on merit none have the only ones that have quote unquote proven us wrong langhorne early answer that question though i mean can you as i can years understand from my perspective i can't really answer that question like i can't really it's hard to take your word on that i mean there's going to be an update to do that that's the beauty of it at the munich you don't need to take my word on you can look at the history in 1974.

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