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Korea whether he's going to the demilitarized zone or or not and if so what is he going to do there is safe for him to go there these are all questions that have come up and the other thing is north korea claim that they are going to tasked abomb uh and they're going to it in the pacific and the united states now want them to do that for a lot of reasons one is because of course environmentally it's bad but too we don't want to give them any chance at all to test anything it could be destructive yeah wild absolutely so um is the weekend i'm sure you're gonna be watching the world series right why well you know what i am going to be doing although cleveland make it into the world theory which area that about uh is that tomorrow evening and i guess it today now for many of your stations is to 72 anniversary of the black list and as you know the blacklist was made of movie people who are not allowed to uh to be any anybody and actually i had a cousin who made a blacklisted film now we've been chosen by the library of congress is one of a hundred a film if that would be preserved famous politburo and he was on the blacklist because he was considered a communist so tomorrow having the seventieth anniversary of the black with that enough you saw the movie trump oh which is all about the act list but love it uh there tomorrow with number seventy though that going on that's huge huge all right allen thanks so much joy that i think it should be marked in i think it's good to talk about what happened trump trumbull that movie really illustrated that for people who were aware of that but i can't imagine anyone listening doesn't know about it thank you for joining us thank you so it you know in talking about this trip that trump's taken we talked about this a little bit with luc farkas he's going to be they're going to japan and going to south korea it's interesting we don't know that north korea's ellen said is the president could it be at the dmz easy going to go there.

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