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A six, which means we have really healthy air corner. Which makes our next guests very happy. She's Dr Wendy Johnson. Medical director Love a 1,000,000 Medical Center, Doc Howard. I'm pretty good. Richard. How are you? I'm hanging in there. You got big plans for the weekend. I'm going to go camping where Of Silverton actually near Silverton. All right in Colorado. You know you go straight up from that town. Yeah, it's steep climb. I'm gonna I'm gonna stop. There's a friend of a friend of a friend actually, recently opened a bakery in Mama. That sounds amazing. I'm gonna stop in Chaman, her bakery. Alright. You're gonna learn it load up on baked goods and in crossing the Colorado so I'm guessing you're going to pick up a little. Ah, little Ah, you know what, on the way Once you cross the border. A little. What? I'm excused. You know, some gummy bear some smokable cement Ables. Uh, no. No. Okay, Well, you're picking a baked goods. I thought, Well, never mind. On the side. She says. A stopping charmer. Get some, you know, get some doughnuts and then had to. Ah, Silverton do little camping for the weekend. What good Good. Who's gonna watch your garden? Well, it's supposed to rain. Maybe this week. It is most right now. I want that weather forecast every single day Friday started Yeah. Yeah. Okay, So you're like, you're like God rent in water it you're like God to God, Father. It's God. Very nicely water, and hopefully he will, okay. All right, um La Familia. What do you guys do? Yeah. We are a family medicine centered primary care clinic. We see everybody. We take all insurances, and we have a lot of concern a wraparound health services. For fuck's. We do. Full.

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