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Best selection of certified pre owned luxury vehicles five forty eight traffic and weather on the aids and when a break let's start in Maryland Gaithersburg specifically great Seneca highway and Sam eig highway the earlier crash on going investigation and lots and lots and lots of clean up under way but I think we may be in the final stages of that we may be getting ready to put the car up on the flat bed haul it away and that should be the end of it until that point though especially a great Seneca highway you're gonna follow first responders directions to get around and as you make the especially to make a left turn from Sam eig highway to go south and great Seneca highway also following first responders directions on the rest of them the major Ellen roadways no reported issues pending ninety five the B. W. parkway to seventy and route fifty all running without delay all your lanes are available on the bay bridge as well getting to and from the short beltway is remarkably quiet this morning in the district nothing pending on the freeway or on the two ninety five however with the the virtual town hall coming up later today you'll find a lot of St about to be closed around the around the monuments Henry Macon drive should already be shut down now between constitution Avenue and Lincoln memorial circle more closures coming up at six o'clock the big list starts at noon today that'll include the Arlington Memorial Bridge you can find the full list of closures at W. T. O. P. dot com in Virginia on sixty six between Haymarket and rosin tunnel doing fine no reported delays outside of this incident and that's how it's described by V. died as an incident eastbound after Haymarket exit forty blocks a right lane does not really affect the traffic flow outside of maybe the curiosity factor three ninety five and ninety five as far south as Fredericksburg running in the clear Ian Crawford WTOP traffic overcast skies today the sunshine we saw yesterday may be a thing of the past at least for today and then come back tomorrow we have clouds remaining throughout the.

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