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Then i was at the national team i when it was nineteen every played against croatia so within those two years i was really learning a lot by by the the older guys that were in my team yeah more experienced guys all international players that played in england and spain terminent whatever it was always my goal but something was still missing and played my first first game for the austria national team against croatia eight minutes i think attachable ones yeah which is amazing won't contact while but to look up to all the players like niko which was not buying munich head coach or petrol show whoever was playing there and just seeing how much more physical they are so the game was over when stranger gym to work out because i was like okay i want to be where they are so i need to do this workout right away and need to start working on myself right away so it was always appropriate always uproarious so you didn't have like a bunch of coaches hammered down at you as a young teenager that you need to be in the gym here you'd be doing this on your own well i i had this one person that guide me throughout my starting when i was eleven twelve throughout my whole career still working with him on my program said i have and after that game i asked the the president from the club that i played for austria this and i want him to work for that for mattis book which was to quote but for me only and he said that's fine let's do it they hired him and he was there for me only every day at least another half an hour forty five minutes additional two team training and it really paid off yeah that consistency is huge in development would you would you consider yourself relative to some other star footballers now that you play with a later bloomer no no no early bloom early boomer yeah yeah so i'm thinking about our conversation around still doing i can tell.

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