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And I also get to tell you about my friends at the Reynolds team. Sarah Debbie Reynolds with Keller Williams. Yeah. Their results are staggering each month. They continue to raise the bar helping their home sellers in its why. I'll always tell you that agent. Selection matters, who else sells a home every five hours or has over eight thousand ready buyers in waiting looking for a home, just like yours. They'll even guaranteed to sell your home at one hundred percent of your list, price or pay you the difference in cash. The Reynolds team recently sold cynthia's home for over list price in just three days. See what I mean? It's why I strongly recommend the number one real estate team for family served in the DC area, according to the Wall Street Journal, the Reynolds team. Call Sarah and Debbie. Right now. Eight four four three four four sold. That's eight four four three four four sold or visit Debbie has the buyers dot com. That's Debbie has the buyers dot com. Vince Lombardi once it football is not a context. Football is a collision sport dancing, his context. This is Michael Robinson, and believe me when you spent years and a collision sport, your body talks back to you, but, you know what stopped me from playing football feet. Think about it, my feet, I made a living with my feet in now they were keeping me from doing what I love, and then I met good. Now don't get me wrong. My days evading three hundred pound defensive lineman were over. But I refuse to say goodbye to living life to the foot, when I was fitted with art supports from the good feet store. I knew right away that this was different..

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