South China Sea, China, Vladimir Putin discussed on BBC World Service


BBC news with Debbie Russ, the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin and the Turkish president trajectory Baduwan, aren't you to meet in salt? She today to discuss the Syrian crisis, the previous talks ten days ago failed to agree. A ceasefire in it live while Moscow has been considering a full-scale assault. Ankara has been calling for more targeted operation against the Jihadist group that controls most of the province. The former vice president of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Jean-pierre Bemba is due to be sentenced later today by international judges for bribing witnesses during an earlier war crimes trial, the international criminal court in the Hague acquitted. The one time rebel leader three months ago for war crimes and crimes against humanity. But a second legal cases continue to disrupt Zambian Bishen to stand as a presidential candidate in concrete. The Australian government has ordered an investigation after sewing needles were found hidden in pundits have strawberries across the country, six states and territories have had reports of fruit that's been tampered with one man was hospitalized after eating established Rubery scares being described by the country's health minister as a vicious crime. The British Prime Minister Theresa may says there are only two ways the country will leave the European Union her deal or no deal. She also strongly criticised proposals for one of the Brexit negotiations. Thorny problems the border with Ireland. We some of the conservative party colleagues have put forward to pan has conducted its first submarine drill in disputed waters of the South China Sea. The Japanese maritime Self Defense Force carried out a series of exercises using a submarine and three naval destroyer ships. The exercise is believed to have taken place within the vast part of the South China Sea, the China claims as its own although China's Tokyo's announcement has yet to garner a response from Beijing BBC news. Hello. I'm Ed Butler and welcome.

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