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Evan spiegel was kind of the big kickoff yesterday time is a fluid concept billy tuesday when code started evans beagle was the big kickoff that was the evening session he didn't really say a lot except he he's extra shots at facebook for copying him and said i wish they would copy our privacy policy any kind of didn't really explain like why he ran this disastrous redesign snap but i mean he gave the same explanation that he's given before which is they were trying to solve this problem of giving you your friends but also increasing inventory for brands and for advertisers without like feeling like you can't just get to your friends is what you actually want the funny thing is he gave buried in that explanation one of the more like cogent clear product ideas that's actually snapchat seeing that it needed to get something from other social media he basically said look the way redesigned it there's now an infinite scroll there's a feed we just we wanted to put your friends at the top but we also fundamentally like created more quote unquote inventories because you can like keep scrolling to see more stuff which is what you do on twitter and what you do on facebook so they he i think they were trying to get that vibe into snapchat yeah i mean look i'm just going to do the conspiracy theory no having spiegel and at and t and facebook the you know they were they're all their spotify to some extent really what they're talking about is how did you advertizing better that is that was the theme of the whole all these interviews and you go watch the great they're all over the place talking about much things but the problem all of them need to solve is we need to put more advertising your face better jobs it so evan spiegel has a messaging product messing products inherently don't lend themselves advertising snapchat discover was like his way of putting advertising in this nap chat people whatever didn't like it they tried to like mix it all up again make it easier to use the you might go over there and be like i'm an advertising pain nobody likes that so now they're mixing up again they're doing endless feed that creates more inventory.

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