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Open tonight, folks. So if you have questions or comments about anything pertaining to pitch to our life The number's 57 more, 84 84. 1 804 44 84 84 right before break with talking to my friend Judy Roberts to observe a So here's attack on a vulture. That wass Concerned to the dough. She thought it was. Approximate the over attacking or all of it. Judy's understand there was a dead raccoon at the field. That vulture was attracted to you. Is that right? Yes, Yes, There was several out there. But this one was a little bit further, where her baby Wass, and that's why she was coming to protect protect her baby. Cassidy. Did you were you able to observe her on the initial attack? Oh, well, like I said that it took me a few minutes to realize what was happening because I thought it was her baby in her, you know, running around, and then I saw the black underneath of her and then the wings. You know, spread out. And like I said, they were all over the field and this went on for 5 to 10 minutes. At least. In her, you know? Get in the vulture and killing it eventually. But that's a amazing observation really appreciate what it points to Samy is Another indicator that these vultures are preying on forms. Oh, that's either an instinctive response from that dough. Or it's learned behavior, Perhaps She's in jail for trying to run a mile from her fallen Jesus. She's a new mom. And so she's been fun to watch because she she won't get too far away from her. Well, I'm just suspicious vultures may have tried to bother her phone before. That's what I'm referring to you. Tell them Or settle in the city. Certainly. Course to the fact that those are take protecting their young. I've watched him fend off couch. On several occasions. Riches pretty amazing, but it can only be effective if the does Holtz enough to intervene before the couch grabs on because once the damage is usually does Well, it's a great story. I appreciate you sharing it with. Well, I didn't realize itwas my like your was excited over you. All right. Well, keep on keeping on. We appreciate all you folks to wildlife for the sportsmen out here. You take care, okay? June You know, folks, one of things that I wanted Interject here because I think bee on the radar screen if you will. That fish wrong, Lars and our courage A fellow sportsman observing these occurrences to share What we're seeing. Tremendous numbers of these black vultures. Stay here year round now. I'm sure interviews that air out about noticed They become a Really problem for cattle farmers. They're attracted to the smell the afterbirth and or the visual aspect of the cow. Giving birth. And the coming of Bob I am. Kill the hands. And it's pretty brutal scenario because they usually start with the eyes. Evasions. Hardly the more pitiful than seeing the results of that. And I'm not trying to put emotion into being The need to control him. But Us doing this while our U. S. Fish Wildlife Service are providing permits to farmers, they're having problems with these Vultures. And They allow you to shoot him and eliminate him. I'm very, very suspicious. That there's more predation on phones. Occurring that we know. So I put that out there for you folks to take a bear once for Afghan Have observed a strange Have is something That after he cares a lot of study at the U. S Department of Agriculture's doing We're really close to return you this Through the permit application process. That they've got the farmer so Be great for that information be shared back and forth from fish wildlife to us today for obvious reasons. Another problem hard that's out there right now. There. We need a bar very, very closely. Are the cormorant. Ah, the acquired order birds that prey on fish in the huge numbers up. We have data Kentucky Lake and Barkley like right now. There's a lot of folks myself included. That are very concerned the back to station That those corn words they're exerted for game fish in the shallow bays at both of those legs. There are estimates that there sounds a little birds spread out Queen Barkley to be late. They have tremendous rulers nesting sites. And they eat all the carrots pounded to fish. £1.2 pounds of fish pervade Let's just our recent run the math. You're talking about thousands of pounds of fish a day. That these corporate or eating And I've watched him bluegill betting areas. Shell cracked the bids. Preying upon the tools. You have bass there back in the very picture. Be a real study of how that's impractical. Those game fish in addition to the problems that we've got with the issues card I'm of the opinion. It's a serious one, too, arch. Our game fish populations. Very ugly picture. If I'd love to see Studies done out of battles in Paris, and I'm not talking about 3 to 5 year studies I'm talking about You know, Let's look into this immediately. I know that. Day in case the first district director for the league, Kentucky Sports were Has been raising these concerns for some time. Virtually every Syrian president. That I don't There's Baptiste birds, the guides the Jazz bass Certain there of all expressed their served about this so I'm kind of opening this door will for Some study. Ideas about what to do Some of the I suggest one of them has been a to allow folks to shoot up. Which.

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