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Now when artists three songs three one two nine eight one seven two hundred is the phone number. We're gonna talk about good remix in good reboots. There's a ton of them out there. And that's that's been a thing. For a bunch of years now is re booting things in remaking things. Some of them are terrible. And some of them are great. But we're gonna talk we're gonna try and talk about the good ones. This morning three one two nine eight hundred seven two hundred is the phone number. Speaking of good reboots. Season three. And that's why we're going to talk about good reboots and good remix season. Three of one day at a time on net. Netflix is premiering tomorrow. It'll start streaming tomorrow. And one of the stars of that show is a great friend of our show has been on many many times been in a ton of movies and TV shows, you know, him you love him. He's also a great writer and a great storyteller and a great podcast there. And and we haven't talked to him in a while. We're always happy having back, and that's the great Stephen kobetski. Let's welcome Stephen to the show, Steven how are you? Hey, I'm good come up there. As a matter of fact, I just can't just coincidental. What's not planned? I just came the first screening up one of the first shows of season tweet one day at a time. Oh, great. That's great. How did they go? It was fantastic. At lesbian center in Los Angeles. Because of course, the daughter show is is gay gates rely. So we will be in the theater was probably about two hundred people every seat was filled. And I gotta tell you. Place was shaken. Yeah. Alaska was so a basic list. When you watch that show, if you people don't know what the show is like, it's not only funny like a sitcom, but leaper funny, but it could turn on a dime. And it was amazing to watch it with gloom full. A huge crowd response to simply it was it was so that's great. Theory. I'm excited. I'm excited. I'm excited for the weekend. Because that's basically how I'm gonna spend my whole weekend. Is watching every episode starting. Friday. I love the show so much. We've talked about this before Stephen. I was skeptical when I heard that they were rebooting data time. I was like, oh, this isn't going to be good. And after the first episode I was completely won over. And it only got better and better as it went along. And and how it's put together. And the fact that Norman Lear is such an integral part of it. And like you said it takes on much deeper issues if it's not just a goofy twenty two minutes. Sit-coms? There's a lot more going on. Also in this kind of. With where we are in the midst of massage the fact that drops thirteen episodes on one day. Makes it more of the novel for television Jones, as you would have witch watch at once a week and each week is kind of a different situation. But now because you're able to watch the entire season at once. Flu lines. Call back to their call forwards. It's got what's sport deficit shifted the structure of the show, which makes it so much more entertaining. Your typical comedy. Yeah. I agree with you. And well, first of all give them for people. Who might not have watched the first two seasons of shame on you for not tell everybody. What what makes this different? The twist that that this has well, I guess I is what the very visible one. Is you still have a single mother like with Bonnie Franklin in this case? It's just know Mocatta. Living with her mother Marino. Just like the one day at a time. You've got two kids and the families you cut the young boy, Alex and the older girl Isabella place Elena. Schneider who runs the building just like shows and the differences in this case justina Machado quays. Who fought in Afghanistan there? She was injured the conflict actually, hit her husband went into together after nine eleven they were so moved by what happened. I've eleven list and breaks up their marriage. And so in the first two of the spirit. Or attempts. This. You said. Again, the husband. There are surprise. Issues that come up there. And I don't want to be a spoiler. But that's one issue. You have the fact that they're American family brings up issues. You know? Of course, they're all the heart. But this is there whether it be discrimination. Whether it be. Or any of those? We ended up loving characters and. Part of the characters is so pure. I think I could put my single audit. I wrote something down here. How this is different than a lot of comedies. Broke down watching tonight. Tonight. What really makes it stand out the characters are not cynical, but all the people in the show believe in love like anything worthwhile. Learn how much it costs. That's what's. So a basic about the show. It's not stereotypical. It's not coins. People is this show believe in love that. That's where a lot of the comedy comes scrub. They learn how much it costs and then towards the drama comes from that's perfectly put Stephen perfectly put and. And I just love the show because it takes all these great issues, and it doesn't do them in a heavy handed way. It doesn't mean a very very realistic very emotional way. I can't tell you the number of times. I've I've I've I've been in tears watching the show both from laughter, and from, you know, being emotionally touched by it. And I think that makes it very special show. We were with tonight at the screening was one of the reporters for entertainment tonight. He was going to be interviewing some of the people stage after the screening, and he says, I gotta tell you. I don't even know how going to ask these questions. The same thing you said, Nick. I I was I about watching the show. I watched the first episode of the thirsty. I'd love Michelle. I love these people. Now, I think about the show, and I just break down crying, and I'll be like walking around the house. Screamingly funny and extremely move. It. It is and it's beautifully acted. I just wanna mention how great the cast is. You're terrific. Justina Machado is amazing. And the fact that. News. Accused deana Carter. You know? Know what I didn't know her work. I didn't know who she was before. I don't watch. We do a lot of television. You don't watch a lot of television. Right. I watched her first show in front of the audience is grab and I'm thinking like Kathy Bates move over. Yeah. This woman laugh cry in the second. Absolutely. Yes. She is. I'm really disappointed that the haven't really Evan recognized her for her work on the show or the show in general because I think it's it's just I think it's a special show, and I really am blown away. I'm blown away by the entire cast Justinas amazing. And of course, a lot of your scenes, you get to work with the great Rita Moreno, which we've talked about how great that is working with her who's just a national and international treasure. Yes. Yeah. It's amazing to watch. How we the works in front of a live audience. I sit back in awe at how that war, but anything into gold. Thing. It is such a dorm talent. And of course, I told you a little story about how between the saints leader would sing songs. Oh, man. We were doing a dance. The last show of a series of three. I don't think that's too much the spoiler in between the takes of our danced together. She started singing clue. Hello look who over. I mean, I am floating away on the cloud. It's exquisite. Yeah. So I I'm just I'm very excited. Anyway, it comes back on Friday one day at a time it's on net flicks. The first two seasons are Bir streaming right now if you want to play catch up, and you know, you can catch up pretty quickly to half an hour show. And it just it's it's really really funny and really really moving and really really smart, and you care about the characters deeply, it's it's great. And it's one day. Yeah. And if I could just do it's not a, you know, again, I'm not gonna ruin anything. But watching trying to get an overview of the season. One thing this show. Does this third season? Is it all the characters forward? Surprising way. So. You know, I prayed going into season three that. They're just gonna always talk sets up there. Like, they always do with kids. You know, kids are growing older ourselves. It's like a foot tall rework last year. But you toss be adult themes out there. But no, no, no, no, no what what they tossed out there. This year is. These kids have to learn and have to present. It is it's shaky. It's really wonderful the direction that the creators of the riders took with the show this third season. Okay. I'm really looking forward to it. Stephen like, I said that's my weekend. That's. I love it. One day time coming back on Netflix. And it starts streaming season. Three starts streaming on February eighth. All right. Okay. Stephen hang on. Okay. Because I have to talk you were just here in Illinois. You were just hearing Woodstock just this past here in Woodstock Illinois a few a few away from. Yeah. We're gonna talk about that and much more. Okay. Stephen hang on. Okay. All right. Great. Stephen Sobolewski is with us tremendous actor that you know, from our everything, but but probably the best known as needle nose Ned Ned Ryerson from groundhog day and speaking of groundhog neighbor and talk about the groundhog day celebration that Stephen attended in Woodstock, Illinois. And that's of course, if you if you know, that's where the movie was filmed. So we'll talk more with Stephen right after we take a break for the news here on seven twenty WGN. French.

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