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Who have cancer. It's called Tommy's place in Falmouth, as we hear from WBZ is Chris Farmer. Everybody keeps asking. Founder Tim O. Connell wins the grand opening the day that that first family quietly walks through that door to go on a dream vacation in a sprawling, beautiful film is home filled with games and books. T V s a basketball court pool. They even have an antique fire truck. Anything and everything to put a smile on a kid's face and then make this a nice, comfortable place where the mom can just exhale and Tim trusted local artists to create that involve Government, Erica Hagler donated a mural of a giant octopus in the game room. They've been stuck in these hospital walls that are all one color and it's very dreary. And when you go into Tommy's places, which sparked the imagination, I'm so grateful and these artists they didn't have to do it. She asked me yesterday. Can I say it? I said, you better sign it. Chris Farmer WBZ Boston's NewsRadio. Other news We're watching tonight at 7 47. Prosecutors in New York are soon expected to bring criminal charges. Against the Trump Organization. CBSS Nicole Scanner reports. A lawyer representing the former president says he does not expect the former president himself to be charged. New York prosecutors are likely to charge the Trump Organization in the coming days. Ronald Fischetti, who represents former President Donald Trump, Confirmed to CBS News Tuesday. Prosecutors are likely, however, to not file charges against President Donald Trump himself. No charges have been filed. Yet. This comes as a federal probe is now looking into Rudy Giuliani, the former president's former attorney, and also Giuliani's lobbying efforts for Turkey. Here's a B CS Aaron Carter Ski with the UPDATE. The Justice Department inquiry into Rudy Giuliani is separate from the criminal investigation into Giuliani's activities in Ukraine. The Justice Department is examining now Giuliani's representation of a Turkish businessman raises a rob and whether Giuliani's efforts to pressure the Trump administration to drop a criminal case against Rob went too far. A representative for Giuliani could not be reached for comment, but the former mayor has previously denied wrongdoing. Aaron Carter SKI ABC NEWS.

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