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Fourth quarter two thousand twenty one. Daniel duda it afternoon everyone. Colette is going to offer prayer for us. Thank you collect our father in heaven me. Thank you that you love so much and that you've gone to so many ways to show us over and over again. How deep impression that love is. Please be with us today. Since it's your holy spirit guide us and direct us in jesus name amen thank you call it and hello everybody so we are going to do with number nine and the title is turned their hearts. And it's another one in the book of your turning now as i told you the furious lesson. He wanted to divide nine hundred fifty nine versus of autonomy among thirteen sabas. That would mean to cover seventy four each sabbath and so they do cover the whole book so this time we will have twenty five versus last week. We had twenty one so this time at least four more. The problem is that ten of them. We already covered in the previous. And so we all back to them again and the topic is on repentance. So if you look at the statement of purpose each person has a statement of purpose it says because we are sinful repentance should be a central part of our christian experience existence acknowledging our sin being sorry for asking goes forgiveness for an ultimately turning away from it and this week we will see the idea of repentance as expressed in deuteronomy so everybody admits there is something wrong with unanimity but they just don't agree what it is so why dependence that important. What's the purpose of repentance. Jerry change the direction that you've been heading okay very good so if you take the story of the prodigal son i running away from the father but in defar away land he started thinking about the slaves in the father's house and that brings a change of thinking and so now he says i will get up and go to my father's house so it's a change of direction. Good let's go do great and then colette in thinking about repentance. In the my degree controversy in the press stealing model canada problem of healing really take place without a genuine repentance can at one min take place and you know the answer the a close question so the answer is yes or no and of course. The answer is no. Would you know the difference between the healing model and frozen forensic model are you grow. Yes he is. You brought the importance of repentance in the healing model. So i didn't want to put you on spot but would you on. It seems like we've talked about in the past so much that the forensic model tends to be so much more a matter of acts not relationship whereas the healing model is bringing us back to one with god okay so in forensic model repentance will be a prerequisite for forgiveness. I come to understand. Yes okay thank you very much and colette than bill. I look at it also in a healing modality. 'cause for me the whole thing is like a disease and so if we are sick unless we admit that we have a disease. It's really hard to get healing for it. And then once you admit that you have a disease to meet that's the beginning parts of repentance that you want to change your not. Just sorry that you eat junk food. Every day you stop eating the junk food every day you want in your life and so for me repentance. Goes further than just remorse. Sure sure and of course is the listener Turning away from it and turning will be part of the tuesday lesson. You see from the outline. It's the hebrew word used there but also says turning from it when you have forsaken or turn away from your sin if you haven't done it for one day he's that turning away from it. You haven't done it for a week. you haven't done it for a month. Can you see the problems in this model that creates uncertainty in the minds of people and wonder that people some struggle with the lack of assurance of salvation if this is how you define dependence. Let's go to church talking about the forensic model and we know that that's as you stated before that it's appeasing and offended god. Let's be fair. That would be a pagan model. Yes okay this is more of that. We recognize that. There's a problem in our lives and that we cannot cure it ourselves within. We've recognized that there is only one place we can go to correct this problem. And that is with god on it is at recognition that i'm not making good choices for lack of a better way to state it and then i find certainly in my own life that god is always willing to accept god's forgiveness personified as i've heard said and that he is always willing to heal the previous lesson we talked about god's always they're always willing to restore the people of israel when they have turned away and as it was then it is still very much the same today.

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