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Number eight deuteronomy fourth quarter two thousand twenty one daniel duda. Welcome ladies and gentlemen. We are starting the less than on. Choose life lesson number. Eight and a quarter. On present truth and deuteronomy. Dr daniel duda is our moderator and irish will offer our opening fair how loving god thank you for inviting us to open your word again so that we might see you we ask for the presence of your holy spirit to be with us to lead us to open our eyes to enlighten our minds and to bring answers to the questions that we wrestle with as we do this thing called life we pray for a special blessing on daniel we pray for all those who here as well as those who are gathered here and we thank you lord that you always here because we pray in the name of jesus amen amen thank you iris. Thank you very much. This is less than number eight on your ptolemy. This is a topical study of the book of your tournament. So you're telling me thirty four chapters so if you divided by thirteen sabas you would expect two point. Six chapter needs to be covered every week. No that to cover the whole book or the book of your trauma has nine hundred fifty nine versus so that means seventy four verses should be covered each sabbath and then you cover the whole could in one quarter now. If you look at your study notes read for this week study. We have amazing. Twenty one versus from deuteronomy the trio going to color. And so as. This is the first time i teach listen under me. I will start with saying something about the topical and textual study of the bible. Is you know sometime ago. The churches decided that in the four quarters that we're in a year to are going to be topical and Going to be textual and so for example. In this year we had isaie the first quarter which was supposed to be textual than we talked about the everlasting covenant which was topical and then we had the rest in christ water which was topical and now we have deuteronomy but the problem. Is that if you take deuteronomy as a topical than you do not have to plus two but you have less textual study. Can someone help me his textual study important or why. How is textual study different

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