The Madness of the 2020 US Election With Senator Doug Mastriano


I'm talking right now colonel Doug must yano also state senator pennsylvania. My friend doug must renault where are we in the madness of the twenty twenty election. You've been a hero. You've refused to stop looking into this because We happen to think it's important to know whom the american people chose to lead them. where are we right. Now you've been in the forefront at work what eleven months now on from november election and you know. We held a hearing gettysburg on the twenty fifth november at. We're no closer now to resolutions whole issue than we were back. then i've been undercut by the senate leadership. They stripped me. My committee chair. Because i was pressing ahead with subpoenas and that was going to have a vote. Issue subpoenas to several counties to get to the bottom of this year and is a great catastrophe. These stripped you of the chairmanship of your committee. Now why would they do a thing like that. Well you know. I was moving ahead as a committee. Cherry sent letters to three counties to begin in audit a forensic investigation to get to the bottom of what the heck happened you know. There's nothing to hide. Opened up the books. Let's get to the bottom of this. That's why you keep the balance for twenty two months he can do this. But senate leadership. senator jake. Corman was keen on the. I think moving ahead with a full forensic investigation and so not only was. I stripped mike committee chair. I had a voting session on committee arranged on the six of august was cancelled behind my back by him. I was locked out of committee committee. Voting rooms in harrisburg. I mean this. This whole thing is ridiculous. I don't know what the issue is. The people of pennsylvania and i want a forensic investigation to figure out what the heck happened here. But i'm undercut

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