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News on NewsRadio nine fifty. Good morning. Thank you for joining us. I'm reverted just saying it on Tom, Jordan. These are the top stories on www at six twenty one Detroit homeowner is going to be okay. But now she's trying to figure out how to repair all of the damage caused by an SUV that came crashing through the front of her home overnight the house on promenade at east outer drive. The driver of the SUV was taken into custody at the same NBA reportedly considering a plan to lower the draft age from nineteen to eighteen league reportedly submitted the proposal to the National Basketball players association the union discussed during a meeting earlier this week new proposal would lower the age limit by the twenty twenty to draft the injury of Duke freshman stars I on Williamson Wednesday reignited the debate about one and done college players play college ball for a year before they're eligible for the draft. That's Anne Marie green. A winter storm has brought snow to a place. Rarely sees it southern Los Angeles reported Nicole Comstock is about an hour north east of Los Angeles. Beautiful not only did snow shower lower elevations in the San Bernardino mountains, apple valley, saw fields full of fresh powder and sparkling white rooftops. I haven't seen it for a couple of years and flurries even floated down over ice cities, like Rancho Cucamonga which hasn't seen snow in at least five years in northern Arizona schools. Government offices, airports and roads are closed for a second day at a record snowfall of more than two and a half feet. They hand out the Oscars this weekend who will win and who should win. The Hollywood reporter says for best picture they think Roma will win. They also think it should win. It would be the first non English net. Flix film to win. What's in your sunscreen? Government regulators say might not be safe CBS news correspondent Deborah Rodriguez. Has the details on check the label on your sunscreen? The. FDA says most protective lotions and sprays have chemicals that aren't safe and manufacturers have been making false claims about better protection. For years regulators are proposing more testing research and rules. Environmental watchdog group say it will completely overhaul the sunscreen market, only two active ingredients are generally recognized as safe those are oxide and titanium oxide. Deborah rodriguez. CBS news, the Monkees were created as a made for TV rock band. And one of the members of back group has died. Peter Tork was seventy seven and was generally seen as the most musically talented of the goofy foursome crafted in the wake of the popularity of the Beatles..

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