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Center the feds napa suspected package bomber ban kong van is in custody near seattle suspected of sending suspicious packages multiple military installations in the washington dc area the packages containing black powder and rambling nonsensical notes defense secretary james mattis packages that were aware of any way have been they're now under the control of believable doors no one endured officials caution there may be other packages that have not yet turned up richard cantu abc news atlanta temperature at one zero one forty nine degrees wsb meteorologist kirk mellish won't rule out the possibility of some patchy drizzle overnight with lows between forty eight and fifty two clap stick around for wednesday a will be warmer though with highs reaching into the upper seventies atlanta's most accurate and dependable forecast coming up the funeral for a legendary georgia politician draws hundreds to a church in buckhead governors that miller skin won't read like a who's who in politics not only three former presidents in attendance but those who served with him in state politics like as lieutenant governor pierre howard will is a great tribute to a man i thought it was just remarkable that we had president bush president clinton president carter here and i know zell would've liked that a lot former state senator bill stevens worked his miller's communications director when he was lieutenant governor just a legacy nobody else can can match in buckhead cedar parish wsb breaking news i i this is w sp twenty four hour continuing news accused of dumping old tires in south fulton county subdivision a suspect remains on the run as ficials work to clean up the mess he left behind if there was a fire here in the woods how dangerous is this this would take us an extended amount of time to extinguish lieutenant dennis more with the union city fire department hoping.

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