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Another super so we saw notre dame with a dominant win over usd forty nine of fourteen i mean i i don't think anyone was thinking this would be this much of a blowout what they were able to do against a team that a lot of people coming into the season thought would be a playoff contender i am guilty of that as well the brian kelly was impressed with his team following this when here are some of the numbers this is the largest margin of victory against usc keep this 1966 saturday fifty three nineteen eighty five praying kelley pumped up after this when you look at this wednesday night and it dominating team has won most stands ads you got a strong mental approach the holiday play the game there they could have done more tonight and it says a lot about their preparation i told him last year after we lost and see the build back started after that game and you saw that tonight in terms of what they've done in a very short period of time jess adams three touchdowns averaging over ten yards per carry what can you say about the performance tonight you know he's got a tell you what great offensive line but his ability to just keep coming after you they tackled him in the first quarter they tackle in the second quarter couldn't tackle in the third quarter oh sol you have been as we said little bit critical in notredame pretty much been killing him you had okay you've changed it tune a little bit and you know what sports center does for you that's really great aunt's and it's very therapeutic you get an opportunity to be pauley positive this is what you had to say on sunday.

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