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From the KOMO twenty four seven news center security. In and around, the King County courthouse in, downtown Seattle leaves much to be desired according to. Judges and other court officers who worked there every day now komo's Corwin Hake reports county leaders are seeking a security upgrade security. Getting into, the, courthouse is an ongoing issue of course but, county Superior Court Judge Laura envying tells the metropolitan King County council perhaps a. Larger issue is the challenging environment one endures just outside the courthouse three weeks ago King County prosecutor told me about getting shoved very very aggressively the block immediately north of. The courthouse and then a different. Judge was leaving work, at, five thirty she said somebody was defecating in the vestibule of council member Pete von reichbauer says the courthouse is where two million county residents. Come for legal, action and should be the safest. Place in King County that, in many, ways should see unsafest place all King County one right Bauer notes Seattle police the King County sheriff's office and metro transit police all. Have some degree of jurisdiction in and around the courthouse it, would help, he says if those. Agencies would. Talk to each other. Corwin Hake KOMO news a Seattle gamer believes he, may have been one of Saturday's targets in Jacksonville shake Flynn had just been eliminated from Sunday's tournament so he decided to walk back to his hotel and take a break. That's where he was when the shots rang out the twenty one year. Old says he knew the victims and the, shooter someone, he had beaten in. Tournament last year kivlan tells the New York Post. Said the gunman asked where Kipling was going. When the Seattle man left the. Building about twenty, minutes before the gunfire erupted the main defendant charged, with killing two men in Snohomish county has pleaded, guilty to two counts of aggravated murder the Everett herald reports. That eighteen, year old Anthony faces life in prison with no. Chance for parole for, his role in the deaths of Mohamed Aden of Seattle and Ezekiel Kelly of Everett Aden's body was found to life. I near Arlington authority say he'd been burned with Cigarettes severely beaten and shot several times two days later Kelly's body was found with multiple stab wounds in a. Derelict building in Mukilteo according to court documents Hernandez canot told detectives he believed both men snitched on him when he violated a no contact order with his girlfriend three other people are awaiting trial in connection with the killings. Frank Lenzi KOMO news coming up on KOMO news Prepared to delay.

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