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Its influence in our world and our culture every day all around us and and then um you know we felt like it's important for people to understand and be encouraged to read the bible and learn more about it because it's the best selling book of all time consistently year after year he's very potter this in the book i love this um uh let's see davinci code a c s lewis line which in the wardrobe uh estimated about eighty million each uh don quixote he one hundred fifty million katrin the rice 65 million black beauty fifty million harry potter a hundred million with along with a little princess one hundred million tolkien lord of the rings one hundred and fifty million copies the bible is estimated to be five billion copies i feel like it deserves a museum as where it really does wainting well in in some it said you know why now of course uh more more time to get the question why hasn't this been done before i think we have the best material that any museum here in dc because this book has impact our world unlike anything else uh so it's story needs to be told and that's why we wanted to tell it then uh in uh uh state of the art uh first class museum and i appreciate the books that you guys have just put out too because it talks about your personal life i i'm fascinated by how grounded your family is and uh you talk about you know you talk about the adoption in your family in and he just a lot of stuff that i can really relate to and i appreciate you sharing um the personal side as well thank you so much thank you god bless guys well in in in one of those is just the that we feel like it was providential uh and uh our founders in this nation felt the same thing time and time again they just felt like god was in the middle of it then and we feel that with this museum in our adoption and some of the stories that we share thank you guys dan marino 40 minutes is old you'll have our world can be scary place that's how long it would take a nuclear missile to travel from north korea to new york city with every day comes more confusion everything right now is upside.

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