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When the nuggets put Michael Porter on the court against any team everybody just Michael Porter's plan. Let's go attack his ass on defense it's going to happen to port-royal. And they're going to have to be really good defensively of being able to understand that the coverage is going to get tilted the you know that that Brendan Staley, the new defense coordinator is going to have to figure out okay I'm GonNa take one guy out. Then he's going to have to double everybody else I mean that's how they're going to have to play. They fired Wade they made the change way because. Weight is a really good football coach, but wait is very simplistic. Weight is he's going to rush five guys. However, he gets to those five and then he's going to play a lot of cover one and so it there's not a does it really have a change of pitch. He never really developed a slider over his career. It's pretty much starts what he does you know and. The rams once you in any team sport once you play too much the same thing you get caught and you get on your ass a little bit. So that's why they made the change. They wanted more multiplicity and I think it's probably you know now they're going to be more multiple I. mean they're going to have guys on defense I mean look i. think the rams are. A team if you're going to bet on a team in, September bet the rams because there'd be the healthiest. But as the war of attrition carries on and as the as the season becomes longer and longer and the injury report becomes bigger and bigger right now, the rams have two players on the injury report, the linebacker Terrell Lewis from Alabama and Darryl Henderson. Running back he's questionable. So once that edge report starts in the lack of depth that this team has I, think that's when it becomes problematic. Lack of depth is a key right now, the New York Yankees are limping there at five hundred why because once they're stars get hurt it's not just next man up the next guy can't always be the Guy He. Can't be as good as the Star it's can hockey playoff hockey one line great. We have debt you got four lines. The rams have got the stars. Yes but they all the depth think it'll catch up to them speaking of catching up to somebody how `Bout von Miller, the Denver Broncos, a guy who's had incredible durability played ninety five straight games and now. Apparently, he's going to make a decision about potentially season ending surgery broncos star linebacker received a dislocated parochial tendon that's according to Ian Rapoport and Mike Garoppolo. So in Layman's terms, his tendon flipped over the ankle bone general recovery time of five to six months. The best case scenario is three months. He's thirty one years old. I said to be reserved ahead just eight. Sacks last year, he did not have one of his stronger seasons in terms of getting to the quarterback. So open a bounce back and here's the big thing for Denver every time I say to myself. Okay. Well, got a big deep is Yeah von Miller von Miller is gone and the whole question there is, as we've discussed does John we actually have A. fricking quarterback drew lock actually the guy how many more brock ice oilers you have to go through before you find out that we can actually have a QB. Yeah, I mean look I I mean when I first heard the the whole reaction that von got hurt I was like, well, you know he didn't play really good last year nobody wants to talk about it. But. He didn't really play a typical von Miller style of season last year he wasn't the same player. You know now a lot of it was you know Denver never really could get the lead they never could play from in front and and this year you're thinking okay, good. Now they get Bradley Chubb. Back get him on the other side you know they. Get Jerome Casey inside this has got a chance to really manifest itself up into a good defense. Then how good are they? How good are they at a in the offensive line? How good they quarterback and I'm with you? You know I wrote about this when when, when, when I on the daily coach I talked about one anti Duke when Excuse Me Maria? Konakov. Kondakova was asking Eric sidell you know how would you play this hand? He says, well, I'm not you. You can't and I think that this applies to drew lock like how people play drew lock at the end of last year is GonNa be way different than how people play drew lock now I mean it's just going to be different because people are going to be worried about what he does. You know they're going to try to pressure them a little bit more got to sit down the the the broncos have much better offensive weapons than they did last year, but still it's still gonna be problematic and can he actually do this? That's what makes me worried I mean when you break him down, you know was he better than? Did he play better than Joe Flacco Amini averaged a pedestrian six point five yards per pass attempt, and that came off a game against Houston where he was at eleven point four four, his his great moment was against that Houston secondary where they put thirty eight points up on the board you know and lock was twenty two for twenty, seven for three, oh nine. But all the other games, even the game against Oakland through for seventy seven against Detroit one, ninety two and a win you know Kansas City, he threw for two eight and a loss. In the chargers they won by three eight through for one, thirty four. So I, I I'm with you, Bro. I. Don't know if it's going to be like. Are you sure this is what we want. You shore this guy is the hair apparent to become the best player that's what's got me worried that's why I'm not sure they can now with. Bob. Miller's injury I think you could clearly say, Hey, look I'm not. You know I'm not buying the over on the win total at seven and a half I think it's going to be more like. Yeah this doesn't even look a five hundred team now, Dow von Miller, and as you said, he was not the same von Miller of the past I guess John Listen you WanNa come a super bowls. I know gives you a lot of immunity but after a while seriously uncle, this got some headlines make me smarter Josh Allen for MVP, are you kidding me almost lost my mind? This has shades of MVP mix written all over this. Brant, Ham Peter, Schrager, and Good Morning Football Kyle brand all in on Josh Allen I'm jumping Peter I like it. We've seen another SEAN MCDERMOTT defense be excellent and go all the way to a super bowl guess who won the MVP that quarterback and the other side of the ball I'm going with Jon Allen? I really think he's GonNa take off this year. I think the digs thing will. Be I think Josh Allen is going to unleash his arm I think he has cam newton scrambling running inability I. Think this is a twelve win team..

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