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Free throw good. Kobe white trying to weave as way around. Mcgowan can't do. It finally gets into Cameron Johnson left side who comes front court Carolina up thirty nine seventeen to twenty four to go in the half. Leaky black pulls up drops in the mid range. Jumper left to the lane. There is nobody in league can test that shot from leaky black is just really good elevations with his size, Terrell Brown. Gets it down low. Good defense by the heels, though missed the shot garrison Brooks the rebound white. Making his way through traffic frontside crosses the floor to the left to leaky black black don't stop outside the lane left side. He'd some help hands off to Robinson. Forgot the basketball goes and gets it in the left corner. Shock locked down to twelve as Robertson's sins it to white to reset Kobe will check the bench, ROY Williams raises. His right fist. Six seconds on the shot clock. White step back three no airball ends up. And Cam Johnson fans can't get the stick back to go. The other way with Johnson's still on the deck. It's five on four mcgowan's for three got it. I three of the day for pit makes it forty one to twenty Johnson. Just couldn't get up and back to play defense boy long tried answer for Cam Johnson. No good wick shot from the left sideline. Roy williams. Just shakes his head mcgowan's loses the basketball and a foul called. Leaky black. That's his first. So every player except for Brandon Robinson who.

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