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Came to remove her from that plane the flight attendant had blood shot eyes slurred speech and an odor of alcohol ABC's at David currently has more some reported Julie and March having trouble balancing seeming to pass out passengers fastening her seatbelt for her when the plane landed in south bend Indiana officers board mark started crying and when asked what city she was in said Chicago when she finally took a breathalyzer her level was point two five times over the legal limit for flight attendants Wisconsin they're firing March she also was facing misdemeanor charges able to police say a teen turning himself in this weekend connection with that huge warehouse fire earlier last month the vacant building that covered an entire city block going up in flames last month in July the fire so intense it burned citing off neighboring homes at the time neighbors told investigators they did see some folks running from that warehouse just before the fire erupted those witnesses gave the and nation that led to the charges a pastor at a Sharonville churches been ordered held on three hundred thousand dollars bond after being arraigned in Hamilton County thirty eight year old Cesar Guerrero a pastor admission cristiana el Calvario church is facing three counts of sexual battery after allegedly having a seventeen year old perform oral sex on him police say he used his position at the church to convince the girl she needed to do this to be cleansed after she was molested as a child jail records indicate that Guerrero has been accused of sexual abuse by other females as well Rick you Chaigneau newsradio seven hundred W. L. W. today's the day the re opening of the Roebling suspension bridge he John A. Roebling bridge has been closed to vehicle traffic and pedestrian foot traffic on its east side ever since sandstone fell from one of the towers in mid April after temporary protected any was installed in a delay in the original re opening date set for the beginning of this month cars in the.

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