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It grounds knee fortunate. I on how fortunate we are here so just seeing their life and what they're going through every day then i get grateful. It has made it easy for me to get through the so. We're all of your life's experience the insights that you've gained the successes. You've got poa. If you offering any insights or wisdom to listeners who might be coping with challenges or thinking about how they could make change in the what might be some of the things that spring to your mind. I think i will reemphasize this knowing. What your purposes in life. I think it's it's a secrets superpower that we can all draw on. I think for me what life is about is constantly getting to know ourselves who we are really deep down nods society wants us to be and how to act to go after this really reflecting closely on a regular basis because we also change of course ride with our experiences but we goes in life really truly stay connected to who you are what your values are in life and what you want your life to be about and any challenges that's thrown at you. I've seen it in my own life. You will be able to overcome if you have a very clear vision of what it is that you want to achieve in this. Well done in the sledge. You've very eloquently described. They're a really important point for listened. To consider is getting a sense of their purpose to contend to reflect. And i'm sure that your story today has inspired them to reflect on their own situation in a very different way. It'd be the wanted to find out more by you. Wash and connect with you on social media might do that at the moment the best way to connect with me through link so polish vk and hopefully that's the platform where i will share everything else coming in the future as well in terms of late into coaching wonderful. It's been a real privilege to speak to you today to hear by it expedience and how you've used that to inspire change within yourself and now of course in future be inspiring change others through utilizing your coaching skills and helping everybody to get clearer by their purpose. So thank you so much for your time today. Thank you so much for having me so while. I'm sure you'll agree. That was an amazing story. That paul washer had to share with us. My co-founder and i created the cds with a simple purpose of bringing you stories from inspiring people and no matter their background experience..

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