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Cord. And shouted something. Vertebrae. Attorney Benjamin Crump says the family of Jacob Blake Jr wants to see the officer who shot Blake arrested and the others involved in the incident fired Family has filed a civil lawsuit. Some schools are struggling to provide students with the necessary equipment for remote learning is the school year begins. We get more from CBS's Manuel Bohorquez, some bomb Garden, superintendent of California's Morago Unified School District east of Los Angeles, says this affects lower income students. It's almost like I'm taking the pencils and paper away from When I don't have a computer form. An Associated Press investigation found computer companies maybe five million laptops short in part due to trade restrictions with China. The Supreme Court overnight, has denied a stay of execution for a native American who was scheduled to die today. A CBS's Jim Chris Shula tells US 38 year old lesbian did. Mitchell is scheduled to be executed the federal prison in Terre Haute, Indiana, Mitchell and a co defendant were convicted of the fatal stabbings of a 63 year old woman and her nine year old granddaughter in Arizona. In the fall of 2007. Mitchell is a member of the Navajo Nation, which calls his death sentence and affront to its sovereignty. Police in Texas say that a body found near Fort Hood is likely that of Sergeant Elder Fernandes soldier missing since last week. This is CBS News. Never miss a moment. Top news from W T O p 24 73 65 Listen on air on Alexa and on the w T o p AP Hiring could be challenging. But ZIP recruiter makes it fast and easy way. Talk to CEO Dylan Miska Wits who needed to hire a director of coffee for his company, Cafe Altera. We would look through lots of applications for people who were not qualified. It definitely felt like we were looking for a needle in a haystack..

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