Off the Spice Rack: The History of Salt


Okay. So the history of salt is fairly simple. Animals war paths to salt licks men followed trails became roads and settlements group aside them legit beside the salt licks. Yeah cassette beside the roads yet. Getting to the on these are these. Are these salt route so eventually and this is exactly what you just spoke about. Eventually the human menu shifted from salt rich game two serials. Like when crop started growing ray and some more salt was needed to supplement the diet when humans started eating more cereals. Okay so but cereals that you hate right. The modern day cereal grains barley right. Yeah those are considered cereals in times. Yes yeah i'm still. Yeah not not cereal boxes. Not fruit loops. Now that's when everything went downhill. The demise mandy but the underground the underground deposits started to become further away from the settlements and scarcity kept the mineral precious so as civilization spread. Salt became one of the world's principal trading commodities routes to the salt reservoirs. And i'm like showing you reservoir picture if you will of a slot reservoir leading to that reservoir. These routes crossed and trade centers crisscrossed the globe. One of the most traveled lead from morocco south across the sahara and timbuktu just a super famous spot to gather. You feel like that's the furthest point ever. I know yeah. This ships bearing salt from egypt to greece travel. The mediterranean and the aegean sea venice's wealth centuries ago was attributable to salt which venetians traded with constantinople spices when in in twelve ninety five marco polo delighted with tales of the value of salt coins. Bearing the seal of the grant genghis khan

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