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Know there's <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> still <Speech_Male> this is still really <Speech_Male> about you know. This is the players <Speech_Male> league this stars <Speech_Male> league and it's really still <Silence> about <Speech_Male> what james <Speech_Male> harden wants <Speech_Male> and is willing to do <Speech_Male> what kevin durant wants <Speech_Male> and is willing to do <Speech_Male> what kyrie irving <Speech_Male> assuming he's back on the court <Speech_Male> is willing to do <Speech_Male> like if those <Speech_Male> three to <Silence> make it work it will work <Speech_Male> if they <Speech_Male> want to and the <Silence> good news for them <Speech_Male> is <Speech_Male> durant and kyrie irving <Speech_Male> both have <SpeakerChange> rings <Speech_Male> already. <Speech_Male> So if <Speech_Male> if there's <Speech_Male> if that <Speech_Male> factors in at all <Speech_Male> you could at least make the <Speech_Male> case that they do <Speech_Male> not need <Speech_Male> to to <Speech_Male> do as much. Maybe they'll <Speech_Male> see it as a relief to <Speech_Male> have hardened to do <Speech_Male> some of the heavy lifting <Speech_Male> and they don't need <Speech_Male> all of it because <Speech_Male> they've they've <Speech_Male> had their moments and they've <Speech_Male> had and <Speech_Male> this this could give <Speech_Male> them <SpeakerChange> you know <Speech_Male> another ring <Speech_Male> or two or three. <Speech_Male> Maybe <Speech_Male> maybe <Silence> they look at it that way <Speech_Male> and maybe <Speech_Male> the premise that i floated <Speech_Male> last week in that story <Speech_Male> where i talked to ray <Speech_Male> allen about the celtics <Speech_Male> coming together maybe <Speech_Male> that applies here <Speech_Male> and <Speech_Male> the premise was the idea that when <Speech_Male> you get in your thirties <Speech_Male> and you've been a star <Speech_Male> in this league and you've <Speech_Male> done all the individual <Speech_Male> things and you've got all the individual <Speech_Male> accolades in your <Speech_Male> thirties is when you say okay. <Speech_Male> Now it's time for team <Speech_Male> goals. And i'm willing to sacrifice <Speech_Male> a little and that's what <Speech_Male> ray on paul pierce kevin <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> garnett. Did <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> a kyrie <Speech_Male> will turn twenty nine <Speech_Male> march. <Speech_Male> So he's not quite in his thirties <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> yet. <SpeakerChange> But <Silence> <Advertisement> hardens thirty-one <Speech_Male> katie's <Silence> thirty two <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> and <Speech_Male> again <Speech_Male> two of these three guys already <Speech_Male> have rings so <Speech_Male> may- <Speech_Male> maybe the recipe <Speech_Male> is different. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> It's not three <Speech_Male> come together at age. Twenty five. <Speech_Male> I will <Speech_Male> say this anybody who <Speech_Male> wants to point to kevin <Speech_Male> to James <Speech_Male> harden kevin durant either <Speech_Male> being teammates before <Speech_Male> or hard <Speech_Male> being sixth man of the year. <Speech_Male> Just throw that <Speech_Male> stuff out. The window. <Speech_Male> Folks that <Speech_Male> james harden was <Speech_Male> like twenty two <Speech_Male> and young <Speech_Male> and sixth <Speech_Male> man of the year <Speech_Male> who <Speech_Male> you know had to <Speech_Male> play behind katie and <Speech_Male> westbrook at that time. <Speech_Male> Because that's <Speech_Male> that's what. The pecking <Speech_Male> order was. He had not <Speech_Male> established that he was <Speech_Male> going to be a <Speech_Male> perennial. Mvp <Speech_Male> and one of the greatest <Speech_Male> scores of all time. <Speech_Male> Whatever potential <Speech_Male> was there. Whatever people <Speech_Male> see. In retrospect <Speech_Male> people did not <Speech_Male> know it. Then <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> once you've established <Speech_Male> yourself at that level <Speech_Male> for <SpeakerChange> eight <Speech_Male> years <Speech_Male> it the equations <Speech_Male> different <Speech_Male> so just because <Speech_Male> he's willing to be deferential <Speech_Male> in <Speech_Male> two thousand <Speech_Male> eleven twelve <Speech_Male> does not mean <Speech_Male> that he's <Speech_Male> Gonna <Speech_Male> be willing to do that right <Speech_Male> now. <Speech_Male> Maybe he will. I'm not <Speech_Male> saying you won't. But i just <Speech_Male> i don't i. Don't think the reference <Speech_Male> points of <Speech_Male> what he was <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> in oklahoma <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> as a really young <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> player. Have <SpeakerChange> any relevance <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> whatsoever. <Speech_Male> Now it's <Speech_Male> good point. <Speech_Male> Certainly we'll be interesting to <Speech_Male> watch our. <Speech_Male> Hopefully no more <Speech_Male> trades <Speech_Male> do the show <Speech_Male> regularly scheduled time <Speech_Male> next week. <Speech_Male> But i guess you never know bradley <Speech_Male> beal. Maybe he's next <Speech_Male> on the chopping <Speech_Male> bradley. Beal is out <Speech_Male> there. Your next <Speech_Male> bradley beal. <Speech_Male> Save that for <Speech_Male> the next time. <Speech_Male> Always going gonna talk <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> to <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> you chris.

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