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Manufacture and Greg her shoulder on Co Moh news. Stay connected. Stay informed the Northwest News Station Co. Moh news Surgeon border is cyclical, said White House communications director Kate Bedingfield on ABC s this week, denying it's worse than any other time in history. She says the president's working to fix the system migrants face once they were on the president is working as quickly as possible to move them into facilities that are acceptable that air in and of themselves short term short term solutions. And he's working to rebuild our system of diplomacy in the Northern Triangle so that people are not fleeing these countries coming to the United States. Torrential rains left four dead in Nashville. Many people rescued from submerging cars is water rose through streets. In the battle against covert 19, a major bump to the vaccine supply plan. Johnson and Johnson on track to deliver 20 million doses by the end of March. 11 million said to go out next week, But in Europe cases surging doctors in Paris say they could soon be overwhelmed, forced to choose which patients to treat. Dave Packer. ABC NEWS Comeau News 1000 FM 97 7. Good morning. 10 31 I'm r. Christopher now to get you up to date with the top stories from the coma 24 7 News center, even with vaccinations, increasing King County's health officer suggesting that people limit activities for the next six weeks to avoid an increase in cases. Dr Jeff Duchin, saying We should consider cutting back on things even if they're allowed during Phase three. We can't let the light at the end of the tunnel. Blind us. It's not, you know, something that will need to do forever. It's just for a couple of weeks. You know, six weeks, maybe a Z. We get more and more younger people vaccinated. The threat will continue to receive doctor Do. Jin also says it will take a more rigorous effort because the highly contagious covert 19 variants. Are harder to stop as it stands right now, By the way, 14 counties are in danger of moving back one phase in our state if the numbers don't change by the next evaluation, which is mid April six of those counties from Western Washington, including Here's county. Also on Saturday, a group of protesters in downtown Seattle, leaving messages behind for Seattle police. It was a small group of protesters, and at the end of it all one arrest was made one message targeted chief DS himself. That message reads Adrien de as your next We did reach out to both Seattle police and a spokesperson for the chief for comment. You're still waiting to hear back As far as that arrest that was made. We're working to learn what that person was actually arrested for. Meanwhile, Seattle police chief Adrian Dia's was speaking about the violent attacks on the Asian and Pacific Islander community. Organizers of an event Saturday, which he attended, say activism can't just be for show that people must take action and the chief agrees. Please continue to report bias. Instances way will not allow this to occur. I will do everything in my power to uphold ensure that we hold people accountable.

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