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FBI, Anchorage, Alaska discussed on Dumb People Town



Why don't you come over to business class good time i get all my movies for free i guess they got their attention so lieutenant joke mashi of anchorage airport police and fire department brown crews in alaska received a word around four forty five pm local time that a twenty two year old man defecated and made a mess and at least two of its bathrooms can watch she said maybe you just really wanted to go to a last the passenger traveling on a vietnamese passport was having some type of issue and also took off his shirt and stuff to into one of the plane was having some type of solution when the boeing seven seventy seven landed at ted stevens international airport around six thirty pm local time the shirtless mirror was greeted by call me sure the smear what are you guys up to i think that was a character infinity security and local police say it again i'm sorry mica by the by the fbi and department of homeland security and local police by this point the man was cooperative with flight attendants and was sitting in his assign okay air that because i just want the image of him putting shit all over airplane with his shirt off and then trying to tell anyone who would listen i'm good guys i'm good i'm good just him pulling out the menu and it's like i'll have the snack what you guys are so hung up about i'm done pooping.

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FBI, Anchorage, Alaska discussed on Dumb People Town

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