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Why we're going over these folds up next is one that i'm kinda hyped about and we're only going really until twenty fourteen team from two thousand fourteen on here but the the one team that i really wanted to talk about was the twenty eleven boston red sox so we're going to skip that then. I wanna go deeper dive into that one if we get a second but the twenty twelve rangers is one team one win. And that's all the twenty twelve rangers needed to get in on their final three games of the regular season in twenty twelve to clinch the al west. They couldn't do it as the as swept the series in oakland on the strength of some some clutch pitching timely hitting extremely. Ill advised defensive gaps josh hamilton. The as had the as only had sole control of the west for one day in two thousand twelve the final day of the regular season. The rangers didn't didn't exactly hand the as the division. The rangers went nineteen ten in august. Fifteen and thirteen in september but the as when eighteen and ten in august in seventeen and eleven in september and before sweeping the series and stunning ron washington's club on october first through the third the ranger saw the west slip through their fingers and clank off of josh hamilton's glove and then retaliating them to the wildcard game where they would lose to the baltimore. Orioles up next is the twenty fourteen oakland as on june twenty first twenty fourteen. The as held a six game lead over the west. The team spent six players in the all star game a month later a day on which the record was fifty nine and thirty six in everything seemed in the cards for the as to have successful october but the and it would be their first successful one in a very long time however it didn't play out that way in fact after billy. Beane traded assessment is to the red sox on at july thirty first trade deadline exchange for john. Lester johnny gums. A completely unraveled. Remarkably the as went just twelve and seventeen in august in ten and sixteen in september needing the final day of the regular season to clinch the second wildcard spot with a record of eighty eight and seventy four falling all the way from a first place club. Too narrowly qualify for the wildcard. Spot is pretty difficult to do but green and gold. The green and gold definitely did find a way that year and then the last team that. I really wanted to talk about as the twenty eleven boston red sox because after battling for the aol east for the entire season the red sox claimed the top spot in the division in the summer of twenty eleven and held a game and a half lead heading into september boston ad one of the most talented teams in baseball that season with a rotation that included josh beckett. John lester in clay buckled in and a batting order that housed adrian gonzales. Jacoby ellsbury kevin youkilis in david ortiz. However what happened in the final months of that season will live on in beantown infamy. The red sox fell off a cliff in september. Posting eight atrocious seven twenty record of in the final month finishing the season. Seven games back in third place in the al east a season that really could have been special for those socks ended. In just utter disappointment and like this team was just. This team had so much talent. There's like no reason that that should have ever ever happen. I mean you have guys hitting you have your mike aviles hitting to ninety five. You have j. d. drew on that team. You have carl crawford on that team. Jacoby ellsbury as well like we said adrian gonzalez. You also had jose iglesias. Yes which is interesting. I actually didn't know he was on that team. But you had jed lowrie who was playing us a june player at that point but he was still a very capable outfielder at least a player. You also david ortiz. David ortiz hit three hundred dustin pedroia three. Oh six josh. Radic was on that team hitting two ninety. Three jared salts. All makki was on that team saltalamacchia that year at twelve home runs like this team. A kevin youkilis. The greek out of walks ended. That year was sixty three walks. That's nuts. He didn't have as many walks but royal though but he still was even still a decent player. You also jason varitek on that team. I'm just listing names. That are amazing right. Now you had andrew miller on that team. You had. John lester john lackey. You had clay buckled. You had josh beckett. This team was straight up nuts lake in the grand scheme of things. It's similar in my opinion. I would say it's a lesser version of what the dodgers are right now. If i'm going to be completely honest with you. I'd say it's a lesser version of what the the dodgers have now but this team was full of superstars at the time and they just fell apart during september. But that's the one. I wanted to finish on so we'll take a short break right here and then i will be right back with just one second with the best player in september for every tee. We'll.

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